How to Invest With Little Money? Look Here!


 There are those who believe that only those who have much can invest. But the good news is that it is possible to invest with little money! By organizing, in the medium or long term, many people who do not have large sums today, can achieve independence and financial stability.

Do not understand how? How about following our tips to find the way?

1. Start saving more, now!

If you have small amounts, such as $ 300, $ 400, $ 500 – you were eventually able to save or have left over for some months – why stop them or risk spending on things not so much needed? Start investing!

Let’s say you have $ 500. That may sound like little, but with that you can start something. Example: You can put in a savings (with income around half a percent) and be able to withdraw in case of unforeseen (but only so!) Or even start a family protection plan or pension – VGBL, PGBL – that allows to rescue only after a while, helping to secure your reservation. It is also advisable to invest in fixed income and Treasury Direct, safer mainly for those who are starting very affordable, which facilitates the continuity of the project until greater investment power.

The important thing is to get in the habit of saving more and always, starting now! Think before you buy, separating one value every month as if it were an appointment. That way, you will get a much bigger amount for bolder investments.

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2. Study on investments

2. Study on investments

As you gather more money, take the opportunity to learn about the best investments and the most reliable companies to buy stocks. When you have more, you’ll know where to apply or better: while you put more together (example: $ 100 every month, keeping the initial $ 500 applied) you stay informed to take advantage of opportunities. As the stock market is the most risky, we recommend that you start with conservative investments and progressively understand the operation of moderate funds, to always take a more secure step.

3. As you evolve, choose more profitable options

After studying the market and having learned to save more, it will be time to choose more profitable options. Example: When you reach an amount of R $ 10,000, consider talking to your manager and investing in one of your bank’s funds (provided you are trustworthy). Gradually choose options that are not necessarily high risk (taking into account that in some ways you still have little money).

4. Think long term

4. Think long term

With little money a month you can make 1 million over long terms like 40 years – if applied with the right profitability. When you reach the amount of R $ 10,000, for example, you can consider doing as a “debt” (like a real estate loan), investing about R $ 1,000 per month, and can reach this goal in 20 or 30 years , depending on whether most of the applications are in the stock portfolio and variable income or fixed income.

5. Never stop investing

5. Never stop investing

Try to probe the market, monitor analyzes of large investors or specialized portals and identify opportunities. And another thing: starting with $ 500 and saving $ 100 a month is something that will get you out of the way, but you can raise this reserve percentage of your salary as your income increases or the return on investments starts to appear.

And now, did you feel that it has cleared up a bit of the notion of how to invest with little money, starting now to ensure a more peaceful future?

Comment here what you found; share your thoughts with us!



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