Private Pension Insurance. Learn All About the Plans


Private Pension Insurance: Know the main characteristics

Thinking about the future is a daily task. At least it should be for those who wish to enjoy a period of more tranquility at the end of active professional life. In this post we will talk more about the characteristics of private pension insurance.

Private pensions are seen by many as a complementary resource to public welfare. When retirement arrives, your income will go down. Thus, the fulfillment of their financial obligations could be compromised.

Here, in our blog, we have already presented for you information about the two types of private pension that exist in our country. VGBL (Free Benefit Guarantor Life), and PGBL (Free Benefit Guarantee Plan), so that you can evaluate and make the best choice if you choose to contract the product.

Today, we are going to bring some of the most important information from the Private Pension Fund. One of the Caixa Group companies, founded in 1967 with the union between CNP Assurances, the French market leader in personal insurance, and Caixa Econômica Federal, the largest public bank in Latin America.

Speaking at Caixa Econômica Federal is synonymous with solidity. Since the company has been present in our country since 1861. It was created by Emperor Dom Pedro II with the name Caixa Econômica da Corte. But beyond tradition, Caixa has the proposal to innovate. With this, your customers have the confidence to adhere to your products, including private pension.

How does private pension plan work?


Like other pension plans offered in the market, Caixa Seguradora also has contributions made during a certain period of the client’s life. He may opt for the monthly or single payment of the amounts he wishes to invest.

This money invested in social security is paying off. Thus, it can be used for a number of purposes. For example, for the purchase of real estate or other property, payment of a college or a trip, among other projects. In addition to the function of supplementing the monthly income of the client at the time of his retirement.

As in other pensions, it is possible to withdraw money if necessary. But it is certain that the longer it is applied, the more it will yield. In addition, the client may also make additional contributions whenever he or she has a budget available for it. Thus, the investment becomes more profitable.

How much should I invest per month to have a private pension plan?

How much should I invest per month to have a private pension plan?

The good news is that Caixa Seguradora brings an affordable private pension option. The client can pay R $ 35 reais per month.

But there are other options that can be checked on Caixa’s website. There, you can do a simulation online, making it easier to access information without having to leave the house.

You just need to access the Insurance Cashier website to view the page that features the simulator.

This page also gives access to the online purchase of social security through chat. But you can also get a private pension plan from Caixa’s own physical agencies.

To acquire a private pension in the Caixa there is only one requirement: to have a CPF.

The product can be purchased by individuals of any age. But plans with protection coverage have a minimum age of 16 years and a maximum of 65 years. There are also plans available specifically for legal entities.

It is worth mentioning that there is no need to be a cashier of Caixa to have access to the plans. The company has options of products that can be paid via bank slip.

Another feature of private pension insurance is the possibility of hiring the product for a child, be it your child, grandchild or nephew, for example. This type of contracting counts on free assistance for the various phases of the child’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Insurance Fund does not charge a customer entrance fee that purchases a private pension. But it charges the exit fee if the cash withdrawal occurs before the plan completes three years.

Yes, part of the accumulated amount of water can be made. But since the initial grace period for the first redemption and the 60-day interval between the others have been met. This option is not recommended because it will reduce the reservation made. This will consequently jeopardize future income.

But if it is necessary to resort to such an appeal, it is possible. In this case, Caixa recommends the client to make contact through its channels (see below) for redemptions of up to R $ 5 thousand. The amount will be credited to account within five business days:

– Site Caixa Seguradora – click on service online

– Service and Relationship Center: 0800 702 4000

You should evaluate your investor profile before choosing the plan. Even being possible to suspend the payment due to some eventuality.

This can not be done in Conjugated Plans. But this situation can be clarified by the consultants. Caixa provides consultants available when the customer accesses the site and goes to the Customer Services area – Online Attendance option.

In order for you to have an idea of ​​the taxation applied in the chosen plan, it is vital to consider the time that your money will be invested. See Caixa’s website for recommendations through the various scenarios.

As has already been said, it is entirely possible to increase contributions. But it is also possible to reduce the amount of the initial monthly payment depending on the chosen plan. There are some options that do not bring this flexibility.

For more information about each plan, Caixa also provides the site and the Service and Relationship Center. So you can clarify the details and avoid future surprises for the customer.

Also be prepared for readjustments in your monthly payments. Generally, this occurs on the anniversary date of the plan so that the customer does not lose the purchasing power in the future.



You can download the Application from the Insurance Fund for information about the private pension plan. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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