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What are Options?


When venturing into the investment world, many of these new entrepreneurs end up with some names that are not common to them, leading to a number of issues, such as the case of the options market. What are options is one of the main doubts that new investors have and can directly affect the gains that they can get.

This market is a place that is full of several opportunities for investors, where they can find an option that avoids the great oscillations presented by the market. This can be used as a way to leverage the wallet of this applicator, allowing it to have greater gratifications, but with a greater risk.


But after all, what are Options?


But after all, what are Options?


  • Options are types of contracts where the right to buy or sell a batch of shares is negotiated for a certain period of time, determined prior to the purchase. They can be marketed for a fixed price, at strike price or strike, working similarly to auto insurance services, for example.

When the owner of a vehicle hires an insurer for his automobile, he is acquiring the right to market that car for a fixed price regardless of damages or accidents that devalue the insured. Because of this, investing in this type of contract is a great form of investment protection.


  • When looking at what the options are, many investors opt for this type of application because of this, to be a market where there are trading of rights to buy and sell shares with fixed values ​​and term. This is a great way to create a hedging strategy for all types of risks that an investment may have in the market, neutralizing the long or short position to avoid the change in the value of the stock, known as Hedge.

However, some investors end up avoiding investing in this type of market because it seems to be very complex to understand. This lack of knowledge about this derivative market has frightened most traders, mainly because of their operation with futures, forward or futures operations.


How does this market work?


How does this market work?


The market is idealized from the negotiations of contracts that are derived from other assets, that is, that arose from other actions. This type of product is used to transfer the so-called fluctuation risks, which is the potential that certain type of action has of having a negative result, to other people through a premium.


  • The one who buys an option will be called a Holder, while the person who sells this product is called a Launcher, and when they do a negotiation, what is being sold is not the product itself, but its prize. In other words, the Holder and the Launcher negotiate between themselves the right to obtain gains from the asset object.

During the negotiation, the two parties combine a value for the sale or purchase at the time of making the agreement and is used by investors as a way to protect their investments against losses that may arise because of the great risk involved in the stock market .

What the Options are is a simple question of answering, although it seems complex and difficult to understand. However, after having a greater knowledge about this market that serves as an investor protection option, many end up acquiring their assets.


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