10 signs you were born in the 90s


If you were born in the 1990s, you may remember a pre-internet obsessed existence. No Google, no cell phones, no social media. It also means no texting – no immediate connection with someone else. And no spontaneous photoshoots unless you carry a large digital camera with you.

Yet the culture was rich and it shaped what you wore, the music you listened to, and the way you spoke.

Here are 10 signs you were born in the 1990s.

You remember what it was like to use the dial-up Internet.

One of the highlights of life back then was the use of this ultramodern invention called the World Wide Web (which entered the mainstream in 1993). You remember waiting for your parents or siblings to hang up before you can log in. In fact, when someone mentions dial-up internet, you distinctly remember the sound / noise of dialing. Good time.

You had fun in the physical world and the digital world.

Despite your parents’ disapproval, you watched TV, played computer games, and chatted with strangers in virtual chat rooms. But unlike today’s generation, you also enjoyed playing outside with your friends. You knew your neighborhood like the back of your hand.

You remember Pokémon as from a cartoon.

Like many of your peers, you’ve spent hours watching Pokémon. Buying and trading collector cards was one of your obsessions. So it’s no wonder you don’t associate your favorite childhood cartoon with the latest generation game called Pokémon Go.

You were delighted that you could put 12 whole songs on an MP3 player.

The iconic Walkman and Discman of the 1980s have been replaced by a new gadget called an MP3 player. Even though it could only store a handful of songs and the sound quality was average, we all had or wanted one as a status symbol. For the sake of nostalgia, you can still find MP3 players on Amazon and eBay today. Tech culture site Ars Technica took a test drive of an old Rio MPM300 in 2016.

“Whatever” was one of your favorite words

Slang changes from generation to generation, so 90s slang seems outdated to kids today. Terms like “anything”, “oh snap” and “like if” aren’t cool anymore, but you probably still use them. More deeply, you cannot relate to the slang words that are popular today, that is, if you know them.

Parting your hair to the side was all the rage.

The 90s were a time when side pieces were all the rage. If you parted your hair in the middle, you definitely weren’t one of the cool kids. Isn’t it funny how things are exactly the opposite today?

Renting movies from the video store was like an adventure.

Visiting the video store (whether small and local or Tower Records) was so much fun because it was a ritual that happened regularly – with endless possibilities. All the variety on Netflix can’t compare to the excitement of walking the aisles and choosing something that looked interesting.

You passed notes in class instead of texting.

Passing handwritten notes in class was risky, and we even got caught sometimes, but it was fun. Also, there was no other option as the kids in the 90s didn’t have cell phones.

You couldn’t ignore Britney Spears.

Regardless of musical tastes, everyone knew who Britney Spears was. Because she was the “it girl” at the time. It was impossible to ignore the global pop star because her, her hits and her tabloid headlines were everywhere.

You (or your parents) may remember what you were doing when you learned that:

  • Nelson Mandela was a free man after 27 full years of imprisonment in 1990.
  • Princess Diana died in a horrific car crash in 1997.
  • Bill Clinton’s name came up several times in a sex scandal in 1998.
  • Terrorist planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and claimed many innocent lives in 2001.
    Friends (the TV show) was canceled in 2004. And depending on what you thought, you either celebrated or cried.

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