Afrofeel set to change musical storytelling


With As Afrobeat continues to rise in the music world, other genres of African music are also starting to gain prominence as singer Gokelet seeks to defend Afrofeel.

A booming singer, Gokelet, born Oyegoke Yusuf, started out as the singer of Afrobeats, but seems to be evolving in the type of sound he brings to music fans.

As the music industry constantly demands a new sound and a new vibe from his actions, Gokelet said he’s ready to change the narrative and create a unique brand of music that not only makes people want to dance. , but helps them get along with all the hardships life throws at them. on them.

He calls his style Afrofeel and he seems to have mastered his game as he says he would reveal a lot about his style in his next musical projects, which begins with an EP.

Speaking of his plans, Gokelet, who already has several singles under his belt, including a successful collaboration with Reminisce, revealed that he intends to make his next project based on the Afrofeel genre.

“Afrofeel is derived from Afrobeat. It’s an infusion of Afropop, Afro R&B and Afrobeat. This is the new direction of my sound and my next EP.

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