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With each generation a Pop Star, from Aaron Carter to Jesse McCartney or even Cody Simpson, Alex Shade has all the codes to become the next pop star of his generation …
Debuted in 2019 with his first single “SHADE” Alex Shade, entered the music industry. Singer, songwriter and producer, he evolves quickly and releases 5 singles during the year 2020.

AS: “it was a decisive year for me, I gave everything at the start of my career”

From production to songwriting Alex Shade, learns on his own and finds inspiration through real stories and life experiences, he released his second single “Right Back” in February and “All of Me” in April 2020. From pop, hip hop, and rock music, Alex Shade shows his desire to mix different musical genres.
AS: “I want to diversify my music and bring my fans together, I don’t want to focus on just one genre, I bring a new genre”

He released 5 singles during the year 2020 and finalized the project with his first album “SHADE” in March 2021 with 8 titles in total including the Remix of “SHADE” a real success for the singer, Alex Shade is part of this new generation. of artists, who have this will to accomplish and succeed.

AS: “Failure is not an option, only success”
Alex Shade grew up in a very varied musical environment, he was interested in music from a very young age, and joined a choir in elementary school, he then took private singing lessons to perfect his voice. At 16, he became interested in music production, on computer and composed his first compositions, then he joined a rap / hip-hop group and composed beats for them while focusing on his personal career.
AS “It was a real experience to work with different artists, it allows you to learn from others, it taught me a lot about myself”
Alex is planning a tour to meet these fans, and perform these top hits, collaborations with successful artists and several upcoming musical projects, lots of projects for the artist.
AS “Pleasing my fans is my priority, I can’t wait to be on stage and meet all my supporters”

This is what defines Alex Shade, a promising singer with great values ​​and a big heart. Who has already revolutionized the world of music? Being an artist at that time was a real challenge and Alex Shade understood it well.

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Posted on June 24, 2021

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