Apple now lets you rate and rate built-in iOS apps on the App Store


Apple introduced the ability for users to rate iOS apps built into the App Store. This was not possible before and the change allows users to share their experience and provide feedback to Apple using reviews. Apps like Files, Apple Maps, Apple Home, and Apple News – all now have options for rating and user reviews on the store. Most of these Apple apps have bad app store ratings right now, but it’s too early to call and those ratings may not accurately reflect how these apps actually behave.

9to5Mac reports that Apple lifted the restriction to rate and review Apple’s built-in apps for iPhone and iPad with the release of iOS 15. This means apps like Mail, Music, News, Stocks, and Calculator can also be assessed and reviewed.

Surprisingly, Apple’s Podcast app is currently the worst with a 2.0 rating. The reviews at the time of writing were largely complaints from users unhappy with the redesign. Apple News gets a 2.3-star rating with complaints of frequent app crashes. The Translate app also only has 2.2 stars and users compare it to Google Translate in the reviews section.

The Voice Memos app, on the other hand, has a 4-star rating, and even the Weather app does relatively well with 3.7 stars. Only Apple apps that can be removed and reinstalled through the App Store can be rated and reviewed. For example, Phone and Messages are primary apps and cannot be deleted, therefore, do not have App Store listings.

While Apple has not officially announced the rollout of this policy change, it is likely to have taken the plunge, as third-party apps are prohibited from hiding their ratings. Even with the recent privacy labels, third-party apps have had to reluctantly share the data the app uses for transparency. Therefore, Apple may be looking to set a standard by giving its own applications the same treatment.

As mentioned, most of these apps don’t get a lot of reviews and ratings because the policy change is fairly recent. Therefore, users should not rely solely on these ratings and reviews when making the decision to install a built-in iOS app.

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