Auckland Council asks Aucklanders to stay safe for first weekend on Alert Level 3


As the region nears its first Alert Level 3 weekend, Auckland Council calls on Aucklanders to continue following the rules and stay local to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said: “While the single-digit case numbers announced on Friday are encouraging, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still in the community and we need to remain vigilant.

“Please continue to follow Alert Level 3 rules over the weekend, stay local and stay in your bubble.” If you have symptoms of COVID-19, get tested. I encourage anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so this weekend. “

Need to know at alert level 3

  • Public toilets– 258 public toilets are open for people using the main transport and freight routes, and for those carrying out essential works and trips. A full list of public toilets open at Alert Level 3 is available on OurA Auckland
  • Regional parks– generally, the barriers remain closed with pedestrian access for those whose regional park is their local park. Mountain biking and horse riding access where permitted.
  • Walk the dog– remember to walk your dog on a leash in order to keep a safe distance from others.
  • Playgrounds, pumping tracks and skateparks– all remain closed.
  • Nautical– the launching ramps remain closed and boating is still not allowed.
  • Cemeteries– funeral and tangihanga services remain limited, up to 10 people can attend a funeral, tangihanga or burial. Walk-in access to cemeteries is okay.
  • Mowing and maintenance– will begin to resume within the alert level limits and prioritizing the maintenance of valuable assets such as sports fields and high use areas.
  • Waste collection– normal curbside collections continue and bin tags will be removed (in areas where bin tags are used).
  • Transfer stations– open to the public with restricted services and cashless payment.
  • Inorganic collections– these resumes and rescheduling of collections postponed to alert level 4 are in progress.
  • Community recycling centers– some are open with restricted services and cashless payment.
  • Regulatory services can restart site visits and inspections.

For a full list of services that are and are not available during Alert Level 3, please visit Auckland Council website.

Updates to parks and storm damage

Auckland Council Park Services would like to remind the people of Auckland that people living near a regional park can take an easy day hike below Alert Level 3, but all facilities are closed and bums at night are not authorized.

In addition, the storm at the start of the month severely damaged some runways and they had to be closed. These trails are currently being assessed, but repairing the damage will take time and the trails will remain closed until these repairs are completed.

Stephen Bell, Western Principal Ranger of Auckland Council, wants to remind people that facilities are closed for personal safety, including washrooms, tracks and vehicle access doors. Unfortunately, some of these facilities were vandalized during Alert Level 4 and 3 lockouts.

“Our facilities are closed under government guidelines, so it is disappointing to see a number of vandalism incidents occur. We have had toilets broken into, park gates cut, hygiene stations damaged, lane closure signs removed and road closures ignored.

“This senseless vandalism is frustrating because it costs money, time and effort. Our rangers work very hard to keep people safe. Ignoring the rules not only puts you in potential danger, but also endangers other people like our rangers, as well as search and rescue people. “

Stephen encourages anyone who witnesses vandalism to report it to the police.

Current lane closures:

  • Ahuahu Track due to slip damage
  • Lake Wainamu Tack due to flood damage
  • Lower Karamatura Track Loop and Access to Karamatura Falls Due to Flood Damage
  • Ussher Track due to a washout from a bridge
  • Winstone Track due to a washout from a bridge
  • manawanui Track due to hygiene station vandalism
  • PÅ«riri Ridge Track due to hygiene station vandalism
  • Signal House Track due to hygiene station vandalism

Additionally, Whatipu Road is closed to everyone except local traffic due to a number of major slips.

Stephen also reminds people that the Conservation Department has closed the Te Henga Gateway while they assess it. The track will remain closed until this assessment is completed.

Auckland council staff continue to support lockdown efforts

Auckland council staff continue to support other council departments and local agencies in their efforts to assist Aucklanders during Alert Level 3. This includes collaboration with The Fono Te Atatū, The Clendon Pride Project and The Glen Innes Family Center, delivering food parcels to Aucklanders in need.

Since the region was locked down at 11:59 p.m. on August 17, a total of 123 staff have been redirected to help, including working with Auckland Emergency Management (AEM) and externally with agencies like Auckland Regional Public Health Service. (ARPHS), the student Volunteer Army and Cook Island Development Agency (CIDANZ).

105 staff members are still actively involved in their referrals, with 48 welfare office staff making welfare appeals to those in need.

Explore and stay active in your bubble 

Hoping for good weather this weekend provides a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy your neighborhood while following the Alert Level 4 guidelines of staying in your bubble.

The Auckland Council House Together campaign has plenty to do this weekend. Whether it’s looking for an idea to help feed your mind; wanting to move your body in a new way; find a new way to cheer yourself up during this difficult time; or just need something exciting to help the whānau (family) and tamariki (children) get through the weekend.

There are many ideas on how to explore nature in your backyard or local park, exercises you can do as a whānau, or new ways to learn together.

With ideas and opportunities from across the Auckland Council group including Auckland Council Libraries, Auckland Council Archives and Corporate Archives, Pools and Recreation, Services of parks, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Watercare, Auckland Unlimited, the Auckland Zoo and the Auckland Maritime Museum, there is plenty to entertain the whole family while discovering new things about this beautiful region .

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