Blue is “still” working on new music

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  • December 1, 2021

Blue could play new material on tour

Boyband Blue is still “recording” and working on new music, and they may show new tracks next year.

Blue is still “recording” and could show new material in 2022.

The ‘One Love’ hitmakers – whose debut album ‘All Rise’ was released this week in 2001 – are hitting the road next year to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and they’ve raised the possibility of playing new songs live.

Simon Webbe told The Sun’s Weird column: “I would like to say that we are still recording, we are still having ideas, if we’re going to marry this with the 20th anniversary, we’re not sure.”

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old star – who is in the group along with Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Antony Costa – has ignored criticism of them touring for the money.

He joked, “Well, who doesn’t? It’s our job.”

Antony added: “We have the right to make money, we have bills to pay.”

In the past, all four of the band have been declared bankrupt, but Lee noted that the tour would benefit others beyond the quartet.

He explained, “It’s not just about making money, there is a whole team behind us. It creates jobs for others.”

In 2017, Simon confirmed that he and his band mates were back in the studio to work on a follow-up to ‘Colors’ from 2015, which was their last album released on Sony Music.

At the time, Lee was in ‘EastEnders’, Duncan in ‘Hollyoaks’ and Antony was appearing in an Agatha Christie play, so the boys had little time to work on the new tracks.

Simon said at the time: “We are in the studio. We did the Sunshine Festival in Worcester. We are going to Latvia tomorrow. We are constantly working, at least two or three times a month.”

However, Blue admitted in 2019 that they would focus on live shows.

The “Guilty” hitmaker added how he and his band mates – who formed in 2000 and have continued to perform shows over the years – keep each other safe.

Simon – who released his first solo album in 11 years ‘Smile’ in October – said: “[If] the attitude is that we climb above our station, the other three will bring you back in line. We are very, very grateful to be in the position where we are. “

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