dUg Pinnick releases song ‘Key Changer’, announces solo album


DUg Pinnick of King’s X and KXM has gone solo for his next studio album. Legendary bassist and singer serves his fifth solo effort Joy bomb next month and today (September 17th) we get a taste of the record with the single “Key Changer”.

The track grooves with rousing guitars and bass fueling the cut, eventually pulling back to let Pinnick’s soulful vocals come to the fore. The song is accompanied by a new video that often emphasizes Pinnick’s chosen interest, although the headphone musician, dressed in his all-black outfit, takes the time to dance with the robots in the light video.

“The idea for this video was just to have fun and be goofy,” says dUg. “Hope this brightens up everyone’s day.”

“Key Changer” is featured on recently announced Pinnick’s Joy bomb album. Speaking on the record itself, the musician proposed: “Joy bomb is a collection of songs that I have been writing for two years. The pandemic made me go deeper into myself and how to deal with everything and everyone in a new way. These songs are about the truth as I see it, and I’m grateful that at 71 I can still make music that hopefully matters. Joy bomb is my last offer.

Look for dUg Pinnick’s Joy bomb, dropping Oct. 15 via Rat Pak Records. Pre-orders can be found here. Check out the illustrations and the list of tracks below.

dUg Pinnick, lyrics to “Key Changer”

yeah the music will make you start dancing
yeah the music will make you jump and shake,
yeah the music will blow your head
yeah the music will groove you till you die.

set up your stereo, set up your headphones,
ride all you got,
let it wash you, let it move you,
let the music hit the spot.
(touch the spot yeah).

I wanna hear music everywhere I go
I want to hear.
I wanna hear music everywhere I go
I want to hear.

Yeah, stay awake all night, I don’t have time to sleep,
turn up the radio, let it feed your head,
not everything needs to have a rhyme or a reason,
let the boogie woogie dance in your head,

Turn up your stereo, (turn up the rock,)
turn up your DJ, (turn up the DJ),
ride all you got, (all you got yeah),
let him wash you, (let him wash you),
let it move you, (let it groove you),
let the music hit the point, (all you’ve got yeah)

I wanna hear music everywhere I go
I want to hear.
I wanna hear music everywhere I go
I want to hear.

set up your stereo, (set up your stereo) set up your headphones,
(turn up your DJ)
ride all you got, (all you got yeah)

dUg Pinnick, “Key changer”

dUG Pinnick, Joy bomb Illustration + list of tracks

1. Jon Boy
2. A long way home
3. Key changer
4. Also divided
5. I can’t fight this feeling
6. Like a wolf
7. Social distancing
8. Love and fear
9. Long live love
10. Slaves
11. The poison
12. Give meaning to bones
13. Like a Wolf (Resume)

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