EarFun Air Pro 2 review – high quality ANC headphones at a remarkably affordable price


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EarFun has done it again. For the third time in a row, the award-winning audio maker has impressed MusicTech with yet another pair of affordable Active Noise Reduction (ANC) wireless headphones. This time, EarFun has opted for a design reminiscent of the industry-leading Apple AirPods Pro. However, EarFun’s Air Pro 2 manages to trump the listening time and hefty price tag of AirPods Pro, and comes with vital features that keep up with competing brands. But can they really compete on audio quality, connectivity and ease of use, where it really matters?

As the name suggests, the Air Pro 2 headphones are the successor to the Air Pros of EarFun. The update brings a sleeker stem design, ANC with additional 2dB noise reduction and wind noise reduction, longer playing time and improved dynamic drivers for “authentic, balanced sound”, according to EarFun. In addition, the price remains attractive at $ 80 / £ 70.

Air Pro 2 comes with a compact charging case that can easily fit in your pocket, although it’s a bit bulkier than Apple’s AirPods Pro case. You’ll get seven hours of playtime on a single charge, with the case offering an additional 27 hours. We rarely had to reload the heads during our six weeks of testing. Conversely, our AirPods Pro require regular charging, with just four and a half hours of playback on a single charge.

Connecting the Air Pro 2s to your Bluetooth device is as easy as you’d expect, with the earbuds reconnecting to the previously paired device when they’re removed from the case again. It’s a little frustrating if you’re going from laptop to phone, but if you’re listening on one device, you won’t have any issues. You should also have no connection issues when walking around an office or home, with very few dropouts, even when a wall is between you and your device.

EarFun achieved excellent ANC in the Air Pro 2, significantly reducing outside noise when activated. It’s competitive with the ANC of the AirPods Pro, and their Normal mode disables the ANC and lets in some noise – although, frankly, it’s not a mode we found ourselves using. Ambient Sound Mode is the equivalent of the Transparency feature of AirPods Pro, allowing you to hear your surroundings.

EarFun Air Pro 2

EarFun’s ambient mode could be more efficient by temporarily lowering your music volume when it is on. At high volumes, it’s hard to understand what’s going on around you. Remove an earpiece, however, and playback will stop, and resume when reinserted.

To switch between listening modes, you need to touch and hold the head of the left earphone. Touch and hold the head of the right earpiece, and you will activate your device’s voice assistant. You can also pause, play, skip and skip to a previous track, adjust the volume, and answer and reject calls.

As we mentioned in our review of EarFun’s Free 2 headphones, 10 different touch controls can be tricky to master. EarFun should have taken inspiration from Apple’s book and made the Air Pro 2’s stem touch-sensitive to make the other controls less confusing.

We also compared the sound of Air Pro 2 to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro. We found that Air Pro 2 lacks clarity in the high end, which makes listening darker but slightly emphasizes low frequencies, which some listeners may love. Unfortunately, Air Pro 2 only supports the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, which means that it is capable of maximum data transmission of 320 kbps, or “lossy compressed” audio quality (equal to Apple AirPods Pro).

  • the jungle Romeo rich sounds through the Air Pro 2, delivering delicate guitar mids and layered bass vocals and backing vocals. The sub-bass is defined and the gritty synth punch packs a punch. AirPods Pro deliver a more open sound with clearer highs, despite restraining low-end sounds.
  • Channel Tres bass From top to bottom looks exciting on the Air Pro 2, thanks to the emphasis on the low end. AirPods Pro deliver a more balanced sound and give claps and highs more clarity while maintaining bass excitement. We very slightly prefer the Air Pro 2 here, thanks to its rugged low-end performance.
  • Little Simz ‘ Women sounds fantastic on Apple AirPods Pro, allowing Little Simz and Cleo Sol’s vocals to shine atop a defined bottomline of organ, strings, bass guitar, boom-bap drums and adlibs. EarFun’s Air Pro 2 struggles slightly, the low end being a bit too pronounced. Either way, the track still sounds great and we love listening to it with Air Pro 2.

The lack of a low latency mode makes the Air Pro 2 impractical for mobile music makers. There is a noticeable delay that makes it nearly impossible to play notes or pads in rhythm with a backing track, no matter what application you are using. For this reason, we recommend these headphones for general listening and SEO rather than music production – as usual, therefore, for wireless headphones.

EarFun Air Pro 2

For consumers and everyday listening, the Air Pro 2 from EarFun are ideal. They are really affordable, offer great sound quality, and have a powerful feature set. We’ve recommended the headphones to friends before, and we would definitely recommend them to listeners on a budget.

With more extravagant headphones like the AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds, and NuraTrue, you’re equipped with more advanced and nuanced features that will give you a streamlined experience. We’d love to see quirks like custom audio, the aptX HD Bluetooth codec, SharePlay, and a dedicated app, but the price of EarFun products would likely be less attractive with such capabilities.

Main characteristics

  • 40dB Active Noise Canceling, Ambient Sound and normal listening modes
  • 7 hours of playback time, plus an additional 27 hours with the USB-C charging case
  • IPX5 sweat and water resistant
  • In-ear reading detection
  • 10mm titanium composite dynamic drivers
  • Touch controls and voice assistant activation

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