Early Songs Reportedly Leaked Before Full Reveal

Like every year, the Madden 23 soundtrack is a hot topic as fans are eager to find out who made the cut for EA.

With some potential leaks already in, here’s everything we know so far about the Madden 23 soundtrack and when more might be revealed.

Madden 23 Soundtrack: First Songs Reportedly Leaked

Following the announcement of Madden 23 and the ensuing closed beta, fans have already started wondering what the final soundtrack might look like.

The beta itself, which we were able to check out for a first look at what’s new this year, featured a generic soundtrack to prevent revealing any of the songs expected this year.

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However, the first potential news has arrived via the Madden23Leaks Twitter accountwhich primarily reported on leaked notes over the past few weeks.

Nothing is official yet as these are currently unconfirmed leaks, but the account did report three songs that could make the Madden 23 soundtrack.

The leads that are said to have leaked are as follows:

  • “THE REV3NGE” by Joey Bada$$
  • “1, 2, 3” by Hunxho
  • “Dub” by Yeat

These would be great additions if they rang true, but we’re only scratching the surface as last year there were over 50 tracks in the game with almost a dozen created for release.

We don’t yet know if EA plans to make more “made for Madden” tracks with the Madden 23 soundtrack.

When will all songs from the Madden 23 soundtrack be revealed?

As for the full Madden 23 soundtrack reveal, we’re likely still at least a few weeks away from getting the final details.

EA Sports tends to focus its reveals on gameplay features and leaderboards leading up to launch, and the soundtrack is often one of the last things to come out.

Based on how they’ve revealed so far this year, it’s possible the Madden 23 soundtrack won’t be confirmed until early August 2022.

We could see a bigger reveal if they nabbed major artists for new tracks similar to last year, but even that only happened closer to the game’s launch.

As of now, the global release date for Madden 23 is Friday, August 19, 2022, but Early Access begins Tuesday, August 16, 2022.


The full soundtrack can be confirmed at launch, but we’re hoping for news in the week or two before those dates.

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