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Loan Over-indebtedness: how to pay for it


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Debt Renegotiation: Golden Tips at the Time of Negotiation Thu, 11 Jul 2019 16:24:45 +0000


Debt renegotiation with is a well-known term of the indebted people, certainly because they must have already received some charge cards or letters with “debt renegotiation proposals” with friendly discounts. Just one question, are you wanting or thinking about paying your financial debts? This is a good time to contact your creditors of outstanding debts and who knows, start hitting some repayment proposals and get your name clean again to take advantage of bank credit and the retail trade.

If you’re thinking about it, the end of the year often leads to excessive spending for people, some spend all their money wildly, others save money, and some take the time to restore old friendships, such as the credit limit, overdraft, the credit card, not to mention the pre-approved loan. Now the companies should start contacting them to propose to the debtors the payment of their debts, simply because the 13th. salary, vacation money, bonuses, profit sharing etc., clearing the name to enter the new year can be a good one.

Clear your name ! Why clear the name , it’s restricted

The “basic principle of negotiating and renegotiating debts” is, never accept the first proposal they make for you, usually the rebates offered by the lender stands at around 40%, 50% and up to 60%, but … if you have a good conversation gives you up to 90% discount on debts.

The process is quite simple, the lender, who is outsourced in most cases, will eliminate interest, fines and surplus fees if any – but will the lender give you discounts just because you have a cute little face? No. To get special discounts the most important thing is to have arguments for this, so below you will know three golden rules for renegotiation .


Tax advantages


 Tax advantages


1 -) One detail that most people do not know is the fact that there is the fiscal year, especially for financial institutions, papers and unpaid bonds, that is, customer debts also enter into losses, that is, losses. In addition, their debt serves to reduce their income tax (IRPJ). Another important detail, it is normal for these debts to be sold to third parties because they have become “rotten”. Now you already know. The creditor is the original or third party, will want to receive. In debt renegotiation use this argument, after all your lender has already taken the tax advantage at your expense.


Cash payment


 Cash payment


2) A foolproof strategy for any renegotiation of debts is when the power is in your hands, the lender wants to receive, and receive fast, you want to pay, propose the payment in cash will certainly yield excellent discounts, mainly because the resources will be released immediately by you in the lender’s cashier. When you do the renegotiation of debts , always ask the creditor for the best proposal, if you think it is still unreasonable, say that you pay cash at X value, it usually works very well.

Avoiding process


Avoiding process


3 -) In a business relationship between creditor and debtor, everyone must fulfill their obligations, when one breaks this agreement, unpleasant consequences can happen, one of them are the extra and legal proceedings, the lender does not want to lose more money with you more than already then try to make it clear to the lender that you do not have to extend the matter to the courts, make a proposal to the lender (below your terms) to avoid further costs with court costs.

Renegotiation , Purchase of Loans and Purchase Debts

The most important thing in a debt renegotiation is to have the clarity of what you are doing, do not make proposals that you will not be able to sustain after, fail to pay a settlement worsens and a lot of the business relationship, then you will not be able to bargain any more.

Note: It is worth remembering that the lender of your debts has no obligation to offer discounts for you to pay or accept any of your proposals to give discounts, that part of the deal is a consensus. Do you have any more complex questions? Look for the PROCON of your city.

Is It Trusted, Is It Safe, What’s The Rate, Does It Take Negative? Financial Institution Mon, 01 Jul 2019 16:16:28 +0000


What is MoneyMan? Moneyman is not a financial institution – it is actually a technology company that performs financial services. In this sense, the company acts as a correspondent bank of Sonical SA – Financial Credit and Investment, and therefore does not grant credit directly.

On Moneyman’s online site, users looking for credit have the opportunity to make personal loans ranging in value from 200 reais to 3000 reais – payment terms begin in 3 months and up to 12 months. The whole process can be done online, without the occurrence of bureaucracies – and yet the whole process is very simple and easy, adding a great convenience.

MoneyMan started its operations in Brazil in 2016, but the company reports that it also operates in several other countries in Europe and Central America: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Spain, Mexico, Poland and Russia,

Loan online


The loan is done all over the web, so you do not have to leave the comfort of each to be able to carry out the request with the company – in general, the money can be released to the user in the checking account in less than one day!

If you are deciding to take out a loan to get money for any reason, but still have questions about Moneyman, or the profile of services that it offers, this is what we are going to talk about in this article. Many people have a number of doubts about the efficiency of this type of hiring online and if indeed the results can be very good depending on the need.

What are Moneyman’s interest rates and terms?

Interest rates on the Moneyman website vary between 11.7% and 15.7% per month – in fact, this is a very high interest rate, the current rate charged by other companies has an average of 7.85% per month, compare with the interest rate of the financial crefisa that is 19.37% to the Month, and the Facta with 21.36% to the Month, both also release loan to negative, it gives even a relief.

Moneyman loan type

The company divided its personal loans by value classes: ” Prime “, ” Tô Ligado “, ” Decolando “, ” Turbo ” and ” Super Turbo “. As you can see in the worksheet below.

It is worth mentioning that for new clients, the personal loan released by Moneyman is $ 800, so if you need more money than that, it will not roll. Today, a type of small-value credit has emerged, and according to the company itself, MoneyMan’s goal is to offer financial help to its customers with short-term loans, small amounts but quickly, automated and debureaucratized.

Moneyman Tx Interest Amount Deadlines
First 15.7% per month from R $ 200 to R $ 800 from 3 to 4 months
I’m on 14.7% per month from R $ 900 to R $ 1,200 from 3 to 5 months
Taking off 13.7% per month from R $ 1,300 to R $ 1,700 from 3 to 7 months
Turbo 12.7% per month from R $ 1,800 to R $ 2,500 from 3 to 12 months
Super Turbo 11.7% per month from R $ 2,600 to R $ 3,000 from 3 to 12 months

If you are one of these people and you want to remedy these doubts right now, read on to the content of this article below and learn even more – you can certainly discover a great opportunity to understand the process and even consider taking a touch your personal projects.

How does it work?

Let’s see how it is about the bureaucracies and the application of application for contracting credit. All that the requester needs, having access to the company’s online site is to suit the requested profile. First, let’s go to the essential:

  • Must be of legal age (over 18 years of age)
  • Have regular and unrestricted CPF
  • Keep an active bank account at a bank of your choice
  • Report valid email and a contact phone number

Easy, is not it? Even with a relatively high interest rate, the cost ends up reverting benefits ultimately to the user who is in a hurry on their credit approval.

Online loan application

The process for making a new application by the application is simple and fast, to make the first loan online you need to download the app. Start by downloading the MoneyMan App on your device – cell phone, smartphone or tablet, and create a subscription in a few minutes, confirm the amount and term you want, and receive the money directly into your bank account. App Link: Android

You can borrow up to $ 3,000 to pay in up to 12 months. For those who are already a registered customer, enter the personal area with login and password and see the status of the loan, and if you want, you can make a new loan request .

Simulation and Loan Calculation

Moneyman adopts the same attitude of the other fintechs of the credit segment in Brazil, such as Lendico, Simplic, Creditas, Just Online, Geru and trigg, the simulation of the loan is totally done in a technological and online way 24 a day 7 days a week .


Online Personal Loan Simulator


Online Personal Loan Simulator


Total Requested (Amount in R $)


Interest Rate (per month)


Plot Value


Online Loan – This type of service is popular for quite a long time in other countries, such as in the United States – it is a very recurring type of money obtainable there and considered highly reliable.

In Brazil, the service has been increasing in the last years and this is justified by two main reasons – the first refers to the convenience that every process involves, since it is not necessary to go to the company to consolidate the loan process . Everything can be done through the internet, without big bureaucracies.

Loan for Negatives

When a person gets “negative”, with “dirty name” the chances of getting a loan or paying new financial contracts are compromised – this you have to agree with me? But it does not prevent getting credit in some online loan companies, and MoneyMan is one of them.

Moneyman makes loans to negatives , but it is worth remembering that the approval of your registration goes through several processes that will determine whether or not the company will release the amount requested. So you can compare the higher interest rates, it is caused by the much higher risk of the lender (Sonical SA) not having the repayment of the money lent.

To summarize: MoneyMan makes a personal loan even for customers with a restriction on SPC or SERASA (that is, for negatives).

Loan is reliable and safe?

Moneyman is reliable and safe?

Can I move on with my personal credit application process? Moneyman is a company that acts as a non-bank correspondent for Sonical SA – Financial Credit and Investment, and therefore does not make a direct credit grant.

The banking correspondent acts as a credit intermediary for a banking or financial institution to expedite the taking of personal loan, financing or services. This activity is legally authorized and regulated in our country by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) through Resolution 3.110, of 2003, which was changed to Resolution no. 3,954, dated February 24, 2011.

So, in that aspect the loan in MoneyMan is considered trustworthy. In addition to being an established company with a fixed and recognized address, it uses 0800 phones released only for reliable companies and also authenticated online security protocol systems.

In Brazil, companies that provide online credit services have been gaining in size in recent years and this is justified by two main reasons – the first refers to the convenience that every process involves, since it is not necessary to go to the company to consolidate the lending process. Everything can be done through the internet, without big bureaucracies and as total security.

Disadvantages of Loan

The main disadvantages found in MoneyMan are:

  • High interest rates when compared to other types of loans
  • Having to enter your internet banking password on the Moneyman website to make the proposal
  • Small loan: maximum amount released is R $ 3,000

Compare Loans

Ranking Creditor Tx Interest Month Tx Interest Year
1 ° OMNI – CFI 5.81% a Month 96.92% per Year
2 ° Sorocred – CFI 8,83% a Month 175.90% per Year
3 ° Losango S / A 10,27 a Month 223.25 a Year
4 ° PortoCred – CFI 12.46% a Month 309.18% per Year
5 ° DaCasa Financeira 14.14% a Month 389.10% per Year
6th Moneyman 11.70% to 15.70% 475.44% per Year
7th Simplic 15.80% to 17.90% 621.38% per Year
8th BMG Bank 16,03% a Month 736.94% per Year
9th Crefisa – CFI 19.37% a Month 737.03% per Year
10 ° Facta – CFI 21.36% a Month 920.72% per Year



Structured Credit Solutions { Credit Companies} Wed, 26 Jun 2019 16:11:36 +0000



Some companies in certain periods need credit to continue their normal operations, such as payment of wages or acquisition of raw material. Finding on a single website possible investors for your business who are interested in lending you money seems like a dream, does not it? At Fdex it’s like this: you find all possible investors in your business on the site.

With the advancement of technology, the financial market was forced to modernize. New business models were emerging, loans to individuals and corporations became more affordable and processes less bureaucratic. The great novelty is the emergence of the credit marketplaces, where are gathered several types of investors that connect to their business model if there is interest in the investment.

Fdex is one of the largest marketplaces in the market where different types of investors are gathered. By bringing investors of diverse profiles together in one place, the search process becomes faster, more intelligent and more effective. It is important to emphasize that we are talking about a technology company and not a financial institution. Fdex does not provide loans or financing, but it does connect investors with companies that need credit.


How does Fdex – F (x) work?


How does Fdex - F (x) work?


Fdex is a technology company that has the function of seeking credit for medium and large companies. The platform used has about 110 registered financiers who may be interested in its business model. Almost 90% of the cases have an engagement between the borrower and the financier who has the money. The scope of this business model is national and after registering in the system you will have access to the entire available market and the services offered.

What are the advantages of investing in Fdex?


What are the advantages of investing in Fdex?

In addition to facilitating communication between the borrower and the lenders who are interested in your business model, Fdex is a specialist in collateral and receivables solutions. You have the option to discount your receivables in a more advantageous and innovative way, as it is not possible in other companies or marketplaces.

Receivables – Duplicates Discount

You can use Fdex to discount your receivables and their duplicates in a much smarter and more advantageous way. Look:

  • The marketplace has the most advantageous rates on the market;
  • Optimization of its receivables portfolio;
  • You will have access to more than 50 FIDCs;
  • Reduced risk of market liquidity.

Credit with guarantee

You can use your guarantees to get the best financing proposals available in the market. See conditions:

  • Much more competitive rates and the most advantageous payment terms on the market;
  • Access to more than 80 funders at one time;
  • Proposals of higher values.


How is the connection between companies and financiers made?


The process of connecting lenders with your business model is done in 4 very simple steps. Follow:

  • Registration : The first step to be carried out is the registration on the website, where you must inform all the data of your company, the credit you need and the guarantees you have to get it;
  • Matching Report : The second step is where the liaison between potential lenders and the companies that need the loan happens. You learn, through the platform, which investors are interested in lending you money and if your operation is succeeding;
  • Virtual Prediction: The technology used in Fdex is able to group all the investors engaged in your project, using a kind of trading floor that offers the best financing proposals at that moment for your company;
  • Negotiation and formalization : You should select the best proposal and take advantage of Fdex tools that provide greater agility and safety, both for you and the chosen financier, and complete your operation quickly.

Any financial institution and institutional investors that are focused on credit can become investors. You can register as many credit profiles as you wish.

After completing your registration, all companies that match your profile will be displayed in the report that you will receive. All your data will be kept confidential and you will be identified with a unique and unique code. Your data will only be disclosed when the company concerned gives exclusivity to its financing structure.

Know the advantages of being an investor:

Proven Expertise: You can count on a highly qualified team with more than 25 years of experience in the financial market, with extensive experience in companies such as Msquare, XP, Credit Suisse and Hedging Griffin.

State-of-the-art technology: The algorithms used can identify your credit preferences and constraints, avoiding possible wastage of time and resources.

Fully optimized processes

The processes are automated and standardized so that it is easier to find company information, facilitating the analysis process. The reports are designed specifically for those who give the credit. Get to know Fdex or F (x) structured credit solutions today. A credit marketplace that does not stop growing. Be a funded company or an investor!

Types of Loan – Low Interest Thu, 20 Jun 2019 10:02:40 +0000


First of all, we think this content may interest you too:


Need extra money? Here’s all you need to know to get a loan at Banco do Brasil!

But if you want, you can also use our incredible loan simulator, to find the lowest interest rates in the market, and in all safety:

Go directly to the BB website Use our loan simulator


What will it take?


 What will it take?

  • Active account at the bank. For this, have in your hands
  • CPF
  • Original identification document with photo (as RG or CNH)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income

See below some lines of credit from Banco do Brasil, and what you need to use each one.




 Loan at Banco do Brasil: THE AUTOMATIC CREDIT

Automatic credit is the least bureaucratic, with monthly payment in up to sixty installments. The loan amount is credited at the time in your checking account, without having to inform the reason of the loan.

Generally the account holders of Banco do Brasil have some pre-approved limit. You can check this limit in your current account statement.

You can also choose the payment date that best fits your routine. Automatic credit can be contracted through the internet, ATM, mobile application or a BB agency. If there is no credit available in your statement, please contact the nearest BB agency.

What you need to have:

  • The conditions for contracting Banco do Brasil automatic credit are to have an active checking account at BB, to have a current and available credit limit and to have the CDC signed.



The salary credit is aimed at people who receive the salary through Banco do Brasil. This is a credit line with special terms and rates.

The contracting of this line of credit can be done at the self-service terminals, at the Banco do Brasil website, at the Customer Service Center or at the branches.

The amount is credited directly to the current account at the time of hiring. All this without having to have a margin available on the paycheck.

If your salary credit has been contracted for some time, you can also change the amount of the installments, extend the payment period or even get some more money.

What you need to have:

  • Hire the BB Credit Renovation.
  • Go to the agency and talk to your manager.


Loan at Banco do Brasil: THE VEHICLE CREDIT


 A new car is a dream of many Brazilians

The BB credit vehicle deals with the purchase of a new or used car, without paying fees in contracting the financing.

All that needs to be done is to search for a car, search the lowest price and access the Banco do Brasil mobile application. Once this is done, you just need to apply for the financing.

The vehicle financing percentage can reach 100% of the value. Payment can be made within 60 months, including grace period. The first installment can be paid in up to 180 days. In addition to these advantages, Banco do Brasil gives the opportunity to choose 1 or 2 years without debit of the financing.

In addition, the debt of the installments is made directly into the checking account, and the amount financed is credited directly to the seller of the car.

What you need to have:

  • You must have an active checking account with Banco do Brasil to request the financing and have the proposal approved.
  • Go to the agency and talk to your manager.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that, before taking any loan with Banco do Brasil, make a budget and see if it fits in your pocket, in order to avoid future debts.



BB Payroll Credit is offered to meet any financial needs. Contracted case, the discount of the installments will be made, automatically, in the contractor’s payroll.

In order to know if it is possible to take a loan for this line of credit, it is necessary that, first, the company or organ from which you receive salary has an active agreement for payroll.

With this type of payroll, there needs to be a prior planning to know if the benefits fit in the pocket. It is worth remembering that the payroll credit of BB is subject to cadastral approval, and that, at any moment, changes can occur without notice in the product and in the agreements.

Among the characteristics of the consigned BB is to highlight the best interest rates in the market, a term of up to 96 months to pay, according to the terms of the agreement. Only after 59 days of the consignee’s contract will the contractor pay the first installment.

In addition, we must remember that the discount of the installment can be done, directly, on the payroll. So much ease!

What you need to have:

  • Have signed the Contract of Adherence to the CDC General Clauses. (Normally this is done when opening the account).
  • The company you work for must have an agreement with the bank for direct payroll discount.
  • To find the nearest Banco do Brasil agency, click here.
  • Go directly to the BB website to use our loan simulator

Remember if

There are several types of loans that you can borrow at Banco do Brasil: you do not have to stay hanging on the Special Check!

Getting a loan at Banco do Brasil is easier than it sounds: many lines of credit are pre-approved for you. If you are a good customer, ie a good payer and have constant account movement, you can get some loan amounts at the ATM, on the internet or by your mobile phone!



The Most Indebted Countries in the EU } Debt Consolidation Tue, 11 Jun 2019 14:10:18 +0000



When the euro was created, member countries agreed to keep their debt at 60% of GDP. However, today France reaches 97.5%. Read


The most indebted countries in the EU


The most indebted countries in the EU


Most European countries are heavily indebted today. Indeed, when we observe the ratio of public debt to GDP, more than half of European countries are more than 50% indebtedness. If Greece is the country with the highest ratio, its debt is “only” 240 billion. Italy, whose debt is 132% of GDP, alone accounts for more than 2,200 billion dollars. Thus, if the Greek debt is worrying, the Italian debt is still much more, because it represents almost 10 times the Greek debt.

Below, the ranking of the most indebted EU countries:

Convergence criteria


Convergence criteria


Before the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union, which led to the creation of the Euro, the member countries of the Union agreed to respect the convergence criteria of the Maastricht agreements. Thus, they agreed to keep their public debt at a level below 60% of GDP, their public deficit at a rate below 3% of GDP, to control their rate of inflation to less than 2% per year …

These criteria were intended to contribute to the growth of the Economic and Monetary Union, while limiting the phenomenon of stowaways. Where, countries, benefit from the efforts of others, without having to do, and put at risk all countries.

But today, through this table, we see that the majority of European countries have left their public debt.


Debt crisis


Debt crisis

With the 2008 financial crisis, and the subsequent sovereign debt crisis, the single European currency has been under pressure. Thus, the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank have lent their support to countries in difficulty. These include Greece, Cyprus … Other countries such as Spain or Italy have introduced austerity measures. These measures made it possible to avoid a serious crisis in the euro zone, which in the long run could have led to its implosion.

Today, many European countries have decided to improve their public accounts, especially by trying to reduce their public deficit … France is one of these countries, and it is committed for the coming years to submit budgets including the deficit will be less than 3%.


Consequence of high debt


Consequence of high debt


The higher the debt of a country, the higher the debt burden. Also, the funds dedicated to the repayment of the debt, can not be affected elsewhere.

For many years, interest rates have been particularly low, so the burden of debt seems lower. However, this situation will not remain forever. In a few years, non-European countries are not immune to a rise in interest rates. And, at that time, the burden of debt will be all the more difficult to bear.

Finally, if it is normal for a country to go into debt to finance its infrastructure, contribute to investments. Too much debt is a major risk factor for the country, which could suffer a downgrade of its sovereign rating. And consequently enter a negative spiral, with an increase in the weight of the debt, difficulties to repay its creditors …



How to Speculate and Make Personal Loan Investment? Thu, 06 Jun 2019 17:05:31 +0000


Borrowing money at bank or financial interest to make a personal loan is a reasonable and smart strategy for those who have their own funds to invest, so they can get much lower interest rates on institutions that have a current account, are associated or even participation in private credit company. Read part one of the article: Loan to Invest Money Borrowed

In the world many entrepreneurs have used other people’s money to make investments and generate profitability, in many cases it is worth taking the risk because of the cash in earnings. However, as we said in the previous post loan to make investments with money from banks , the loan is nothing more than debt acquisition, in this way, all investors interested in personal loan for this purpose are advised to do a check of your income (less expenses) to make sure they can cover all future payments that will be associated with the amount of money awarded.

How Old to Invest with Personal Loan

How Old to Invest with Personal Loan

Investors are of all ages, from the youngest, who are more prone to love-by-risk, they lend money to trade to earn a margin, the idea being that since they are still working full time they can withstand fluctuations their portfolios. Those who are older, generally make safer investments, use public or private retirement money and are totally risk averse. But it is worth remembering that while borrowing costs are less than the expected returns on some investments, these personal investment borrowers can profit from financing their own speculative purchases.

The account is simple. “Maybe taking money at 3 percent and earning 8 percent is a good profit opportunity. So making 5% of any money you borrow is a good deal. “Of course you need to have the courage to get into this risky investment business , moreover, those actions that demand more experience are comfortable and generate good money if well managed. An observation in this type of operation – ” not everyone knows what they are doing or are able to take the risk of investing money .” However, there are many speculators who are actually living off making money using funds completely borrowed from other people.

What are the risks of investing money?

What are the risks of investing money?

Let’s imagine if everyone was brave enough to get into this game or had to perform experienced and profitable stocks, then they could lend money and expect a profitable return, no one else would need to work, since everyone would be rich. This certainly is not the normal world we live in, it does not need to be an expert to understand this fact. Even new investors in real estate live on a roller coaster of unremitting investment.

In this game you have to learn to invest and be aware of what is happening around you. There are many investment scams all the time, dozens every year. No one wants to take a loan to invest in something that they know nothing at all. “More cunning investors know how to recognize what it takes to get financial returns on what they risk without having to go through trouble, especially when they are faced with a investment that should have a faster action.

Investing with personal loan is not even for beginners, although not all opportunities for good profits are open to just the matutos in the business. There will always be basic opportunities for novice investors looking to make some money by speculating. Speaking of profits, the financial companies offer loans with dirty name or negatives, we also have the example of the loan in Crefisa that achieve very high speculative profits with the use of low interest money raising.

If you are looking to invest money on profit opportunities , do not forget that money is from others. Study, interact and gain know-how, and know how to use the money you borrowed without anxiety. When it comes to investing with personal loan, borrowing is still a risky operation.

Debt Ratio: What You Need To Know | Credit Tue, 04 Jun 2019 13:39:18 +0000

Debt ratio: understand it, calculate it

 Debt ratio: understand it, calculate it


At the time of contracting a consumer loan, the issue of borrowing capacity arises for lending institutions. They calculate the debt ratio of the credit applicants to check their repayment possibilities. A process to do yourself upstream to better refine its credit application.


What is the debt ratio?

 What is the debt ratio?


The debt ratio makes it possible to determine the financing capacity. In concrete terms, the income and expenses of loan applicants are analyzed in order to assess their ability to repay their monthly payments. Expressed as a percentage, this financing rate gives banks a valuable index. Beyond a certain level – usually one-third of revenue, assigning a loan can be considered too risky. This means that the bank believes that the borrower does not offer all the guarantees for repayment of principal and interest over time.


How to calculate the debt ratio?

 How to calculate the debt ratio?


Here is the list of revenues to consider when calculating borrowing capacity:

– monthly net salary;
– contractual premiums;
– 13th or 14th month;
– professional income for tradesmen, liberal professions, farmers and artisans;
– alimony subject to a court order;
– any other long-term pension.

Depending on the situation and the funding agencies, other income may be considered to calculate the debt ratio:

– family allowances and housing benefits;

– income generated by the rental of real estate;

It should be noted that an exceptional bonus or any professional allowances will not be able to integrate the estimated revenues by the financing organizations.

There are also charges to be included in the calculation of the debt ratio:

– rent and / or mortgage credit;
– consumer loan in progress;
– car credit;
– alimony.

To calculate the debt ratio, it is therefore sufficient to perform the following operation:

(Monthly charges / Monthly income) X 100

The result, expressed as a percentage, indicates your level of indebtedness in relation to your income. If this rate reaches 33%, most lenders will consider borrowing capacity too limited. On the other hand, some banks are more flexible on this psychological threshold.

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With the Beobank Extra World MasterCard 2 you will be reimbursed a part of all your purchases .

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Example: credit opening of indefinite duration of 3,000 €. Annual percentage rate of 12.49% ( variable actuarial debit interest rate: 12.13%) with an annual contribution of € 5


Request your card in 3 short steps.


Request your card in 3 short steps.


1 Proposal valid for every new application of a Beobank Extra World MasterCard from 23/05/2016 to 17/07/2016. During the first 3 months after the allocation of your new credit card you will receive a 5% discount on all purchases paid with your card. After 3 months you will receive 1% discount on your purchases up to 100 € and 0.5% on purchases for an amount greater than 100 €. Only valid for your purchases (not for cash withdrawals, annual contribution, costs, interest and transfers from the credit card account). The discount will be deducted from the extract that follows the extract on which your purchase appears. Maximum 100 € refunded per calendar year . The counter is reset to zero every year after the date of the January extract.

Beobank reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions of the Cash Back program at any time. In that case, you will be notified of this at least 2 months in advance.

2 Example: credit opening for an indefinite period of 3,000 €. Annual Cost percentage of 12.49% ( variable actuarial debit interest rate: 12.15%) with an annual contribution of € 5.

Subject to acceptance of your file and subject to mutual agreement. Interest rates in force on 02/05/2016, can be changed.

3 The annual contribution of the Beobank Extra World MasterCard is € 5. After the first transaction with your card (provided within 3 months after the allocation of your card) Beobank will deposit € 5 on the account of your credit card.

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Get More Affordable Financing Sun, 12 May 2019 13:31:12 +0000


How to get more affordable financing especially online loan? If on the internet you can find the best loan deals, then what are the requirements for this? We will see. The fact is that at some point or time, it’s time to start thinking about the idea of ​​having to take a loan or financing to meet any demand for money when needed, we’re not talking about futilities.

Unfortunately, it is not all the people who can find a personal loan with cheap and affordable interest rates and fees.

When we do, or when it is within our reach, it is not always an easy task to ask, especially at a critical time. When looking directly for an online financing rather than going to a credit institution in person, it is always a good choice to check all the details of the transaction beforehand, including emails telling you the steps of the transaction.

He decided to take this step, it is worth remembering that the proponent needs to have a minimum of knowledge of the financial world, such as monthly, annual and CET interest rates, in addition to the consumer rights supported by the protection organs. All this is to avoid unpleasant surprises or in some cases, the unnecessary loss of time and money. 

So, we can say that it is definitely useful and recommended, you do a quote online at various credit companies, question as much information as possible until you find the best loan available on the square, according to your needs.

What steps to get an online quote on the internet do you get financing with more affordable rates?

What steps to get an online quote on the internet do you get financing with more affordable rates?

Step 1 – When accessing the site, try to develop a critical sense in addition to researching the same to know if it is suitable or not, in general fraud companies have websites of poor quality and written failure.

Step 2 – Place your data only on sites with secure forms. you are sure to enter your details and the amount of the loan you want to take, also choose the purpose of the loan, the duration, your profession, date of birth and other data requested in the online forms.

Step 3 – Observe the privacy policy, fixed contacts like phone and physical address for anyone who wants to go in person in the store or office, do not forget this.

To get money financing that is your best loan, always ask for the best coefficients and ask about special tables. Every company has the ability to make a “loan application” with the offer of differentiated rates, take advantage of this tip.