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This article is part of a larger series of several new Voices updates, all related to the official launch of three new creative services: audio production, music and translation. In addition to this article, you can check out the others in the series below, each one relating to new or updated aspects of our market, including:

When it comes to finding talent on Voices, our clients have always had two options:

  1. seek out and privately invite talent through research; or ;
  2. post a job posting and let Voices automatically match and invite talent to respond.

Today we’re not only announcing a third path, which we call Browse, but we’re also happy to share that we’ve made significant improvements to our search experience. Not only that, but in order to keep track of and invite the talent you find and love via research for future jobs, we’ve made some useful changes to Favorites.

Research 2.0

A more powerful search bar

The first thing you might notice is our new, more powerful search bar. Now, when searching for talent, you can choose to search the entire talent pool or search for talent in one of our four main creative departments: voiceover, music, audio production and translation:

By selecting one of these four, you will only see the talents that offer the service you have selected, eliminating the need to select the filter after you have already submitted your search.

Service-specific search results

After you submit your search query, a list of results will appear, similar to how the search worked before. However, with this update, you will notice a few key differences:

  • in addition to the name, rating, number of reviews, and talent location, you’ll see how many jobs they’ve completed on Voices or, if they haven’t completed a job yet, you see when they joined Voices;
  • featured demos or portfolio examples have an updated appearance, with the ability to now view translation portfolio examples directly from the results page
  • depending on the service you’ve selected, you’ll see new voiceover, audio production, music, and translation icons next to the talent’s specific skill, just below the featured demo or preview. ‘portfolio sample, and;
  • you can see the tags that talents have assigned to their featured demos or portfolio samples, with an additional “# More” indicator to tell you there are additional tags.

Service-specific search filters

As with any search, sometimes you may not find exactly what you are looking for after entering your search term. You may want to filter your results further, which is exactly why we have introduced new filters for each of our new services.

By default, when you are logged in, if you do not select a specific department in the search bar, or if you want to search among all our talents, you will be able to take advantage of basic location filters, such as Country, state or province and city. .

When searching for voice actors, you will be able to filter by: Skill (formerly Category), Voice Gender, Voice Age, Language, Accent, Directed Session, and Location.

When searching for audio producers, you will be able to filter by: skill, software and location.

When searching for translators, you will be able to filter by: source and target language, industry expertise and location.

Finally, when searching for musicians, the filters will change depending on the specific musical skill you have selected. For example, when you search for singers and songwriters for jingles, you will be able to filter by: gender, voice sex, voice age, language and location. However, when searching for music composers, you will be able to filter by: genre, software, and location.


Sometimes when you’re looking for talent, you might not know exactly what you’re looking for until you find it. While searching is great for times when you know it, Browse is great for other times, especially if you’re not necessarily ready to post your job and let us find, match, and invite talent for you.

At any time, you can access the new navigation experience from the main sub-navigation bar (or sub-nav):

Here you will be able to select one of our four creative services or choose to browse all the talents. When you select one of the four Creative Services, you will be taken to a Skills Hub page, where we list all of the Skills that our Talents offer within that specific Creative Department. Now, given our huge history and familiarity with voiceover, we have other ways to browse voiceover talent, such as by language, voice age, accents, style, and role.

Once you’ve made your selection on the skills hub page, you’ll be taken to a skills page that displays a grid-style list of potential talent that you can review and privately invite to a job. Each talent “card” includes the talent name, profile picture, ratings and reviews, location, best demo or portfolio sample, as well as a button to view the profile in more detail.

We believe the new Browse experience will be a great new way for our clients to discover potential talent to work with, and a great addition to finding and seeking employment.

Updated Favorites Lists

Last, but not least, we have updated the appearance of the favorites lists to better reflect and show the information on demos and sample portfolios across different departments and skills that have been favorites. These updates include:

  • view more information about favorite talents, such as their ratings and reviews and their online status (which has also been added to search and job responses), and;
  • indicating the service, skill and tags associated with the demo or favorite portfolio sample.

You want to know more ?

Thanks for reading! If you would like to learn more about any of these topics, we encourage you to check out our Find & Browse FAQ. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact a member of our customer support team at any time through our support page.

Please remember that if you have any comments regarding this or any other Voices functionality, please send them to [email protected]

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