FlashBooks gives busy entrepreneurs a summary of books they don’t have time to read

Here is a nice solution for those who want to read books but cannot do so due to lack of time. Take for example entrepreneurs who spend most of the day and beyond in the work environment, leaving little or no time to pursue other hobbies like reading. This is where FlashBooks Business Book Summaries can help make things better for those people who put their heart and soul into their business.

As may already be apparent from the name itself, FlashBooks Business Book Summaries aim to keep busy entrepreneurs informed about those killer business tactics or self-help tips and tricks by introducing them to only the summary of these books. This way, the reader will have the central theme of what the book is about in about 20 minutes without having to go through the whole book, which would otherwise take days to complete. The Blinklist app also works on a similar principle in which it allows users to have the gist of the book without having to read it from cover to cover.

Meanwhile, another interesting aspect of FlashBooks Business book summaries is that the summaries are also available in audiobook format. This way contractors have it even better as they can always catch it even when they are into something else or during commutes. So whether it’s self-help books or those dealing with business or marketing concepts, those who have always regretted not being able to understand them can still understand by skimming through or listening to the summary itself. same.

The company said it has available summaries of some of the most popular titles such as The subtle art of not giving a damn by Mark Manson or Atomic Habits by James Clear. Other titles offered by FlashBook include The 5 languages ​​of love by Gary Chapman, and The only thing by Gary Keller and Jay Paspasan. Plus, more titles are added every month, meaning you’ll always have something new to browse every time.

Flashbook also said their summaries can be understood via iPhones, Android devices, Kindle e-readers, desktops, and more. Audiobooks are once again available in MP3 format, which means you can still listen to them through any MP3-capable device. FlashBooks offers lifetime access to self-help and business book summaries for $99.99, although entrepreneur.com is offering a discount code – DOWNLOADNOW – that will lower the cost of subscription to FlashBooks. $69.99.

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