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In order to track the retention and dropouts of marginalized students in private schools in Delhi, the state education department has set up an online system to track attendance of students admitted under the economically section. Weaker Groups (EWS), Disadvantaged Groups (DG) and Categories for Children with Special Needs (CWSN).

According to the law on the right to education (RTE), 25% of places in the entry classes – nursery school, nursery school and class 1 – in all private schools are to be reserved for the EWS / DG categories, a provision which includes 3% reservation in the CWSN category also. Pupils admitted to these categories are entitled to free textbooks, writing materials and uniforms up to grade 8, for which the government reimburses a fixed amount to schools.

Officials told HT that the online presence system will initially record data for students admitted to the 2021-2022 academic session and gradually expand to other classes. The department also plans to integrate the platform with a similar reimbursement system planned to streamline the process.

In a notice to all private schools on Aug. 3, Deputy Director of Education (Private Schools Branch) Yogesh Pal Singh said: regularly on the link. Failure to follow the instruction should be taken seriously.

Schools can access the attendance module on the official website of the education department.

According to State Department data, about 32,500 of the 126,000 applicants this year have secured places in private schools in Delhi. Of these, around 19,500 students have completed the admissions process to date. The deadline for applicants to apply for admission to private schools has been extended until August 16.

A senior education department official said: “In order to have inclusive education as envisioned in the RTE law, the education department needs to monitor how many of these SAP students continue in school. Until now, it has been difficult to track the number of dropouts from SAP in private schools. Collecting data on attendance will help us shape targeted interventions to reduce dropouts and verify retention of these students. We also plan to integrate this into the reimbursement system to ensure the streamlining of the process. “

The DoE centrally manages seat admissions in the EWS / DG categories through a computerized raffle. The department prepares a list of EWS students assigned to private schools.

Several parents said schools had refused admission to their neighborhood this year, despite being allocated a seat. This is due to the common practice of schools admitting one SAP student from the government-allocated roster for every three general grade students they admit. This year, however, there have been little to no general category admissions for several private schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic – which has led to schools turning down EWS parents.

Although Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia asked all private schools in the capital to admit allocated EWS students, a circular issued by the education department subsequently allowed schools to apply for an exemption if they wanted it. Several activists working in the area said some schools have used this as a loophole.

“An attendance system will work when physical classes begin. Right now everything is online and most of these students cannot afford to attend classes. The government should first ensure admissions to these schools. The exemption order encouraged schools to find an excuse to deny admission to SAP students. Parents approached us with repeated complaints of not being admitted or being denied free books, ”said Ekramul Haque, who heads the NGO Mission Taleem which works with underprivileged children.

SK Bhattacharya, Chairman of the Unaided Recognized Private Schools Action Committee (ACURPS), said, “We can send attendance on a monthly basis, but it will be a challenge to do so on a daily basis. Also, why focus only on SAP students in private schools and not on marginalized students in all schools? We have to wait to understand the intention behind this new development.

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