How to change microphone and stereo mix settings on PC


Options to configure the use of microphone audio recording and input devices and stereo mixing on a Windows PC

Any PC can be used to convert old audio tapes to MP3, to dictate and write automatically, to record audio from a website that streams music, or even as a home karaoke machine, thanks to its audio outputs which can turn the computer into a complete recording studio.

In this guide we will find out Windows PC recording devices and audio setup options and then the differences and how to use the three inputs that should be included in the standard sound cards of most computers, namely: Microphone , Entry line (which is another microphone input) and Stereo mixing .

Windows 10 and Windows 11 microphone settings

To change microphone settings in Windows 10 and Windows 11, just press the right mouse button on the volume icon at the bottom right, click the button Open audio settings and use the drop-down menu under the section Grab .

We choose which microphone to use from the drop-down menu and quit the app when the changes are complete. If the microphone does not appear in the menu settings, click on Manage audio devices, identify the disabled device, click on it and finally click on To allow make it available; after activation, the device will be visible in the drop-down menu seen a short time ago.

Enable stereo mixing on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Stereo mixing Where Stereo mixing allows you to record any sound you hear from your computer. For example, if we watch a video on the computer, we can record audio without having to put the microphone next to the speakers, but using the Stereo Mix function and an audio recording program on the computer.

By default the Stereo Mix is ​​disabled ; to activate it, right click on the volume icon at the bottom right (still in Windows 10 and Windows 11), press the Sounds item, select it Registration tab and press the right button inside, so that you can activate the Spectacle elements disabled devices and View disconnected devices .

Among the disabled items we will also find Stereo mixing : press the right button on it and then tap Activate to make it available as a virtual audio capture device , useful for recording all the sounds emitted by the PC in audio programs.

Among the audio programs that support stereo mixing we find Boldness , one of the best programs to record Windows sounds (including sounds made by apps and windows) and export them to convenient MP3 files. In another article, the best free audio editors to edit music and recordings .

If we can’t find a stereo mix among the devices hidden in Windows, we can install a third-party stereo mix through i VB-CABLE Driver , downloadable for free from the official website . At the end of the download, we start the installation of the audio driver and restart the PC to immediately have a valid replacement for the Stereo Mix.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 microphone settings

If we are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, we can audio input configuration options On the road Control Panel> Audio> Recording tab . You can also quickly open the recording devices tab by right-clicking the volume icon on the desktop.

To choose the default audio source, highlight the device you want to use and click Define by default . Most apps will automatically use the default device to record audio, with the exception of some special dictation software which may require a separate source instead.

However, if you turn the microphone on, just speak to see the green bar light up, which means it’s working.

By selecting the microphone , you can open Properties to adjust some parameters.

In the General tab there is some basic information about the device and the option that allows you to disable the microphone if it is not in use (which for security reasons should be disabled as some malware might enable it and “to listen”).

These settings are also available for Windows 10, where it is however preferable to point to the new Settings application to adjust the audio (as seen in the dedicated chapter), leaving this menu only to activate Stereo Mix or only if we have problems recognizing the microphone in use. .


With the methods seen above, we will be able to modify the parameters of the microphone and of the stereo mix on any PC with Windows, by adjusting the right audio input device (required for using Zoom, Skype or other video calling or video conferencing applications).

With Stereo Mix, we will instead have a virtual device to acquire audio from the PC and applications on the computer, so that we can also record the played music .

Alternatively, we can also use cell phone as PC microphone . If, on the other hand, we need to dictate by voice to write in Word or other text programs, we suggest you take a look at how. transcribe an audio or video file as automatically written text and applications to write on the PC by dictating vocally in Italian .

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