How to Download YouTube Videos to PC, Mac, Android and More


Are you planning to take a trip to a place with a spotty internet connection and want to download YouTube videos to keep you company?

We have compiled a guide on how to download YouTube videos on any platform, from PC to Mac, iOS to Android and more, so that you can easily save your favorites for later.

As you now know, a Youtube download button unfortunately does not exist – at least not everywhere.

A few weeks ago, some users noticed that in some regions a YouTube download button was offered to premium YouTube subscribers.

A feature spotted only in France and India, the official Youtube download from the browser feature, which could be visited at, was offered as a wordless limited beta test on the full version.

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So, until YouTube launches it everywhere, most of the users who want to download YouTube videos come across hundreds of sketchy websites that promise to grab videos but ask for the visitor’s ad blocker to be disabled.


There are better and safer ways to download from YouTube, so scroll down below to your favorite platform and see how.

How to Download YouTube Videos to PC

By far the easiest way to download YouTube videos to PC, at 1080p or even 4K, is to try this nifty little program.

4KVideodownloader is one of the best and easiest YouTube downloader and the free version gives you more than you expect – it even allows you to download 3D Youtube videos or 360 ° videos and extract sub. securities.

4k video downloader

Unlike other online services, which can pose security threats because they can get infected with malware, 4K Video Downloader will not mess with your antivirus with no risk.

It is also available as a paid download for up to 3 PCs, with no subscription required. On the paid versions, which start at $ 10, you can even download entire playlists.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

The same goes for downloading YouTube videos on Mac: just download 4KVideoDownloader.

It’s not our intention to sound like a piece of PR fluff for this particular software, it’s just that we’ve been using it for over 6 years and have never had a problem with it.

It lets you record video and audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, and it works to download streams from Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

How to download YouTube videos on Android

On Android, the easiest way to download a YouTube video is to use YouTube Premium, which allows you to save videos for later viewing offline. If your budget is tight and you can’t afford a subscription, the only way to do it is to sacrifice some security.

Option 1 would be to visit one of the many websites that offer “Download from YouTube” options, but which puts you at risk of malware.

Option number 2 is even riskier in terms of security, as you have to install a third party app on your phone called “TubeMate”.

TubeMate was one of the most popular apps for downloading YouTube videos on Android, but it was banned by Google because the company now offers offline viewing in its YouTube Premium subscription.

Of course, you can still install the app, but you’ll have to download it as an APK and install it that way – and your phone might throw up security warnings.

How to download YouTube videos on iOS

On iOS, it is impossible to download apps that record YouTube videos because Apple suppresses them even if they manage to sneak into the App Store.

The alternative being to jailbreak your iPhone, which you should never do if you care about your safety (or at least your warranty), the only way to download YouTube videos (without paying for YouTube Premium) is to using a browser and visiting a specialized site.

We tried several options, but found Save From to be the least sketchy, with no intrusive ads or red flags.

To download a YouTube video on iOS, just copy the desired URL, paste it into Save From, and then hit the download button. After downloading, you can move the files to any folder you want.

How to download YouTube videos to MP3 format

If you want to download YouTube videos in MP3 format, perhaps for listening to a podcast on your player, all of the tools mentioned have a “convert to MP3” option.

However, with the download issues on iOS or Android, it’s probably worth it to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on your PC using something like 4KVideoDownloader and then move the audio files to your phone.

Do you know of a better way to do this? Share it with the community in the comments and we’ll update the article with your tip.

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How to Download YouTube Videos on PC, Mac, Android and More

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