How to Record Audio on Your iPhone

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Check out how to record audio on your iPhone

You want to capture an interesting conversation with a coworker or record a fleeting thought, but you don’t know how. Do not worry! The iPhone offers many awesome features, such as the voice memo recorder or app, which comes preinstalled on all Apple mobile devices. This unique feature makes it easy to record audio memes, edit notes by cutting them, tag audios for quick reference, and save your idea for later – all with just a few clicks.

While it’s easy to use an iPhone to do the most common tasks, like ordering pizza, detecting heartbeats, or calling taxis, recording your voice isn’t as easy as pressing a button. of the device. In order for everything to work, you will need to install a separate app. A quick internet search shows thousands of different recording apps on the App Store that claim to show you how to record voice on iPhone, and while many of them promise exceptional quality, few live up to it. expectations.

Voice memos

IPhone has a built-in app called Voice Notes, which turns your iPhone into a portable audio recorder. By default, iPhone Voice Memos app records audio in compressed audio quality, which saves storage space on your iPhone compared to lossless audio quality, which takes up more storage space.


Kapwing is an online collaborative platform for creating images, videos, MP3 and GIF files. Kapwing Studio allows you to record audio and video with your iPhone and immediately loads everything on the timeline. From there, you can save your recording as an MP3 file, saving space on your phone by storing everything online.

Other voice recording apps

Apple’s App Store has a variety of voice recording apps that you can choose from to download and record audio with various features that voice memos don’t provide. Below are the 3 best voice recording apps on Apple App Store.

  • Voice recorder and audio editor.
  • Voice recorder – Voice.
  • Easy voice recorder.

How to Record Audio on Your iPhone

Record and download audio

Find and open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, then tap the red circle at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up or tap the screen again to see the timestamp, audio timeline, pause button, replace button, and trimmer. Sometimes when you are recording your audio you need to stop recording to take a break. With voice memos, you can use the Pause button instead of ending the recording. You can then click Resume to continue recording your audio. When you are finished recording, click the red circle again or click Done in the right corner.

Name the recording by clicking New Recording and renaming the file. Then click on the three blue dots to save your audio recording to your iPhone files. You can also upload your voice memo to Kapwing to make changes or save storage space by keeping your recordings online. To do this, go to in the Safari app on your iPhone. Click Start Editing, select Click to download and choose Browse, then find your voice memo that you previously saved to your files. Wait a few seconds for your audio file to load in the Kapwing Studio timeline.


Go to in the Safari app on your iPhone and click Start Editing. Select Click to upload and choose Take Photo or Video. Record your video and click Done when finished. Wait a few seconds for your video to load in the Kapwing Studio timeline.

Edit audio in Kapwing

When you are in the Kapwing timeline, you can move the marker anywhere on the timeline to edit that specific section. To cut and remove content at the start and end of your audio file, drag the left or right edge of the audio file. To change the content in the middle of your audio file, move the marker along the timeline, select Split, and the audio file will be split into two.

Export, download and share your audio

When you’re ready to export your audio, click the arrow where it says Export to see the drop-down menu options and select Export to MP3, then click Export Audio. Wait a few seconds and you will be taken to the download screen. Click Download and your MP3 file will be saved to your iPhone files.

Final Words: How to Record Audio on Your iPhone

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