How to Set Custom Ringtones on Your Google Pixel

Stock Android makes it pretty easy to get started and customize your phone. One way is to set up a custom ringtone or song for your Google Pixel. This guide will walk you through the simple yet quick process.

Set a custom ringtone on your Pixel

Custom ringtones are simply media files that you drag into your Pixel’s selected sound bank. Once your file is in the right place on your phone, you can choose to have it play when someone calls or texts you.

To do this, you must first upload an MP3 file to play. You can find them just about anywhere on the internet. Alternatively, you can download a ringtone app that will allow you to save MP3 files. Once you have the file, setting the ringtone is easy.

How to set a custom ringtone on your Pixel:

  1. In your settings, go to “Sound and vibration”, then tap on “Phone ringtone”.
  2. Tap “My Sounds”.
  3. Tap the plus icon at the bottom.
  4. Tap the three lines at the top and select “Downloads”.

    If your file is elsewhere, navigate to it from this window.

  5. Tap your file, then select it on the next page.
  6. Press “Save”.

The Pixel Sounds app

Android 12 and 13 made it easier to set a custom ringtone directly from settings with the Pixel Sounds app. Previously, you would have had to move the file to the right place and hope your device recognized it. Of course, you can use other apps that would do the process for you, though those usually cost more.

Pixel’s Sounds app is an easy way to choose and add ringtones and notification sounds to your phone without having to worry about moving files around in the phone’s memory. Just head into the app and shoot your downloads. From then on, this ringtone will be part of your phone’s other sound options.

The only way to access the app is to go to settings and find the Phone ring Where Default notification sound section.

The above process is ideal for setting your default ringtone for each caller. You can also set custom ringtones on your Pixel for different callers if you want. There are plenty of reasons for this, the professional most likely to be able to identify callers before looking at your phone.

The process is simple, but you’ll need to follow the steps above before setting a custom ringtone for a contact. Once you do, head to the Contacts app on your device. Find the contact you want to set a ringtone for and tap the three-dot menu in their contact card. From there, tap Set ringtone and select the one you want to use.

Whether you want to go through each contact and set a specific song as your ringtone, the above process is helpful to learn. From here you can set up any number of ringtones or custom songs for your Pixel.

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