iPhone 13 mini – what the heck?


There was a time between the late 1990s and early 2000s when the tech world was obsessed with making things smaller but more efficient. Good examples are MP3 players, especially the iPod. But when smartphones arrived, it wasn’t long before the sizes started to go the other way.

My first smartphone was the iPhone 4s with its small 3.5 inch screen. Now I can’t remember a time when I used a phone that had a screen size of less than 6 inches… stop giggling in the back. But despite this, Apple decided to release the iPhone 12 mini last year.

While praised for its clean design, solid capabilities, and for being more inclusive for people with small hands, the iPhone 12 mini didn’t sell well. Despite this, rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 so far suggest that there will be another version of the mini when the new line of phones supposedly arrives in the fall. And it’s a bit confusing for me for several reasons.

Why bother with an iPhone 13 mini?

iPhone 12 vs dummy iPhone 13

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A new report has claimed that in 2022 there will not be a smaller flagship phone, with the so-called iPhone 14 available in 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizes. For people looking for a smaller Apple phone, an updated iPhone SE will be released with 5G capabilities.

So with that in mind, I’m a little pissed off as to why Apple might wait until the iPhone 14 to remove the mini model from its phone line; why not start with the iPhone 13?

I’ve said before that the complexity of phone queues is somewhat frustrating, as it’s hard to find a product to buy or recommend. And I’m already worried that Apple is creating a fork in the iPhone 13 lineup by reserving 120Hz LTPO displays for Pro handsets only.

So I’d much prefer Apple to kill the supposed iPhone 13 mini and use the manufacturing savings or potential resources to make the standard iPhone 13 the best it can be.

Likewise, Apple has reportedly stopped making mini iPhone 12 models, indicating that there is not much demand and that Apple has no plans to keep this particular phone after the fall. , as is the case with the iPhone 11. the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t seen me come out and pretty much in the last 18 months I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use an iPhone 12 mini. Again, I wonder why Apple would keep it for another generation.

Maybe the folks in Cupertino want one more cherry bite of the compact phone and don’t want to shut down a product that’s only been online for a single generation. It might sound like admitting defeat, which isn’t something that matches Apple’s external vibe.

Maybe in the second half of 2022, Apple could have pulled out the alleged iPhone 13 mini on the back of One Infinite Loop and quietly sent it with a metaphorical shot to the back of the head. Then when it’s time to reveal the iPhone 14, there won’t be any mention of a smaller fourth handset, with Apple just not acknowledging that it ever existed, as if the mini was a mass hallucination. Apple fans with small hands.

Move on mini, it’s all about the iPhone SE 3

Concept iPhone SE3

(Image credit: Apple Lab)

Now I applaud Apple for making a phone that’s easier to use for people with small hands. But while it doesn’t sell very well, it doesn’t seem like there is as much demand for a smaller iPhone.

Still, for people who want a smaller iPhone, there’s the iPhone SE, a stellar little phone in an affordable package. Granted, its design isn’t cutting edge, but its specs and single-camera performance are pretty impressive for a $ 399 phone, even a year after its release.

And more relevantly, a 5G-enabled iPhone SE 3 is expected to arrive in early 2022. It is expected to get an improved chipset, in the form of the A14 Bionic chip or the rumored A15 which is slated for the iPhone 13 lineup this fall. (This would be in keeping with Apple’s iPhone SE tradition of outfitting the phone with the latest chip to power its flagship devices.) Such a phone could make the expected iPhone 13 mini a bit questionable, especially if the upcoming mini doesn’t get many of the upgrades the iPhone 13 Pro is expected to bring.

In short, the answer to the question I posed at the start is that there doesn’t seem to be much point in the iPhone 13 mini other than a face-saving way for Apple.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple release the iPhone 13 without a mini model, these rumors about its existence being proven to be false. With the iPhone 13 lineup set to be unveiled in September, it doesn’t take long to see which rumors come to fruition and which have been left to fade and die on the hearsay tree.

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