IRiver Disney Mickey Mp3 Player (more photos) 2021 Tips


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Check out iRiver’s Disney Mickey Mp3 Player (more photos)

There are some gadgets that you know your girlfriend will want the moment you show them to her. It’s not that they need it, they’re just drawn to the prospect. Here’s one that would melt a girl’s heart: IRiver Mickey Mouse MP3 player.

This cute toy comes with a capacity of 1 GB; It exists in pink, blue, white and black. The size is as light as 17g, powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, supports continuous playback for up to 8 hours.

Thanks to reader Amanda, we can see more photos in iRiver Mplayer. More pictures after the jump.

More pictures on iRiver Mplayer

Final words: Disney Mickey Mp3 Player from iRiver (more pictures)

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