(The six residents with program director Dr. Amanda Vaglia (far left) and chief medical officer Dr. Richard Neff (far right) are welcomed into the new residency program. Photo by Josh Widdowson)

The six physicians represent the very first residency class at IRMC. President and CEO Steve Wolfe called the program transformative for the hospital as it now becomes a place of learning.

Dr. Amanda Vaglia is the residency program director and she says that program participants will learn a lot in this program because they will experience a bit of everything.

Dr. Esther Ezeani of Baltimore said one of the attractions of the program was the fact that it was innovative.

Dr. Robin Rodriguez, who grew up in a small town outside of Corpus Christi, also joined the program. He said one of the main draws was the rural setting.

Dr Narinder Sangha from Modesta said he wanted to work in a rural location but also wanted to be part of the first class to help guide the future of the program.

Dr. Nawar Al Janabi from Baghdhad was eager to gain experience in many different fields.

Dr. Tanvi Bharathan is originally from Indiana and she has spoken of wanting to be able to serve the community she grew up in.

Dr. Mohit Chhatpar said that although he was born and raised outside of New York, he got a taste for rural life while working on his doctorate in Mississippi.

These residents will be part of the program at IRMC for three years. Six more physicians will join the program next year, and the program will have a total of up to eighteen medical residents.

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