Is It Trusted, Is It Safe, What’s The Rate, Does It Take Negative? Financial Institution


What is MoneyMan? Moneyman is not a financial institution – it is actually a technology company that performs financial services. In this sense, the company acts as a correspondent bank of Sonical SA – Financial Credit and Investment, and therefore does not grant credit directly.

On Moneyman’s online site, users looking for credit have the opportunity to make personal loans ranging in value from 200 reais to 3000 reais – payment terms begin in 3 months and up to 12 months. The whole process can be done online, without the occurrence of bureaucracies – and yet the whole process is very simple and easy, adding a great convenience.

MoneyMan started its operations in Brazil in 2016, but the company reports that it also operates in several other countries in Europe and Central America: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Spain, Mexico, Poland and Russia,

Loan online


The loan is done all over the web, so you do not have to leave the comfort of each to be able to carry out the request with the company – in general, the money can be released to the user in the checking account in less than one day!

If you are deciding to take out a loan to get money for any reason, but still have questions about Moneyman, or the profile of services that it offers, this is what we are going to talk about in this article. Many people have a number of doubts about the efficiency of this type of hiring online and if indeed the results can be very good depending on the need.

What are Moneyman’s interest rates and terms?

Interest rates on the Moneyman website vary between 11.7% and 15.7% per month – in fact, this is a very high interest rate, the current rate charged by other companies has an average of 7.85% per month, compare with the interest rate of the financial crefisa that is 19.37% to the Month, and the Facta with 21.36% to the Month, both also release loan to negative, it gives even a relief.

Moneyman loan type

The company divided its personal loans by value classes: ” Prime “, ” Tô Ligado “, ” Decolando “, ” Turbo ” and ” Super Turbo “. As you can see in the worksheet below.

It is worth mentioning that for new clients, the personal loan released by Moneyman is $ 800, so if you need more money than that, it will not roll. Today, a type of small-value credit has emerged, and according to the company itself, MoneyMan’s goal is to offer financial help to its customers with short-term loans, small amounts but quickly, automated and debureaucratized.

Moneyman Tx Interest Amount Deadlines
First 15.7% per month from R $ 200 to R $ 800 from 3 to 4 months
I’m on 14.7% per month from R $ 900 to R $ 1,200 from 3 to 5 months
Taking off 13.7% per month from R $ 1,300 to R $ 1,700 from 3 to 7 months
Turbo 12.7% per month from R $ 1,800 to R $ 2,500 from 3 to 12 months
Super Turbo 11.7% per month from R $ 2,600 to R $ 3,000 from 3 to 12 months

If you are one of these people and you want to remedy these doubts right now, read on to the content of this article below and learn even more – you can certainly discover a great opportunity to understand the process and even consider taking a touch your personal projects.

How does it work?

Let’s see how it is about the bureaucracies and the application of application for contracting credit. All that the requester needs, having access to the company’s online site is to suit the requested profile. First, let’s go to the essential:

  • Must be of legal age (over 18 years of age)
  • Have regular and unrestricted CPF
  • Keep an active bank account at a bank of your choice
  • Report valid email and a contact phone number

Easy, is not it? Even with a relatively high interest rate, the cost ends up reverting benefits ultimately to the user who is in a hurry on their credit approval.

Online loan application

The process for making a new application by the application is simple and fast, to make the first loan online you need to download the app. Start by downloading the MoneyMan App on your device – cell phone, smartphone or tablet, and create a subscription in a few minutes, confirm the amount and term you want, and receive the money directly into your bank account. App Link: Android

You can borrow up to $ 3,000 to pay in up to 12 months. For those who are already a registered customer, enter the personal area with login and password and see the status of the loan, and if you want, you can make a new loan request .

Simulation and Loan Calculation

Moneyman adopts the same attitude of the other fintechs of the credit segment in Brazil, such as Lendico, Simplic, Creditas, Just Online, Geru and trigg, the simulation of the loan is totally done in a technological and online way 24 a day 7 days a week .


Online Personal Loan Simulator


Online Personal Loan Simulator


Total Requested (Amount in R $)


Interest Rate (per month)


Plot Value


Online Loan – This type of service is popular for quite a long time in other countries, such as in the United States – it is a very recurring type of money obtainable there and considered highly reliable.

In Brazil, the service has been increasing in the last years and this is justified by two main reasons – the first refers to the convenience that every process involves, since it is not necessary to go to the company to consolidate the loan process . Everything can be done through the internet, without big bureaucracies.

Loan for Negatives

When a person gets “negative”, with “dirty name” the chances of getting a loan or paying new financial contracts are compromised – this you have to agree with me? But it does not prevent getting credit in some online loan companies, and MoneyMan is one of them.

Moneyman makes loans to negatives , but it is worth remembering that the approval of your registration goes through several processes that will determine whether or not the company will release the amount requested. So you can compare the higher interest rates, it is caused by the much higher risk of the lender (Sonical SA) not having the repayment of the money lent.

To summarize: MoneyMan makes a personal loan even for customers with a restriction on SPC or SERASA (that is, for negatives).

Loan is reliable and safe?

Moneyman is reliable and safe?

Can I move on with my personal credit application process? Moneyman is a company that acts as a non-bank correspondent for Sonical SA – Financial Credit and Investment, and therefore does not make a direct credit grant.

The banking correspondent acts as a credit intermediary for a banking or financial institution to expedite the taking of personal loan, financing or services. This activity is legally authorized and regulated in our country by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) through Resolution 3.110, of 2003, which was changed to Resolution no. 3,954, dated February 24, 2011.

So, in that aspect the loan in MoneyMan is considered trustworthy. In addition to being an established company with a fixed and recognized address, it uses 0800 phones released only for reliable companies and also authenticated online security protocol systems.

In Brazil, companies that provide online credit services have been gaining in size in recent years and this is justified by two main reasons – the first refers to the convenience that every process involves, since it is not necessary to go to the company to consolidate the lending process. Everything can be done through the internet, without big bureaucracies and as total security.

Disadvantages of Loan

The main disadvantages found in MoneyMan are:

  • High interest rates when compared to other types of loans
  • Having to enter your internet banking password on the Moneyman website to make the proposal
  • Small loan: maximum amount released is R $ 3,000

Compare Loans

Ranking Creditor Tx Interest Month Tx Interest Year
1 ° OMNI – CFI 5.81% a Month 96.92% per Year
2 ° Sorocred – CFI 8,83% a Month 175.90% per Year
3 ° Losango S / A 10,27 a Month 223.25 a Year
4 ° PortoCred – CFI 12.46% a Month 309.18% per Year
5 ° DaCasa Financeira 14.14% a Month 389.10% per Year
6th Moneyman 11.70% to 15.70% 475.44% per Year
7th Simplic 15.80% to 17.90% 621.38% per Year
8th BMG Bank 16,03% a Month 736.94% per Year
9th Crefisa – CFI 19.37% a Month 737.03% per Year
10 ° Facta – CFI 21.36% a Month 920.72% per Year