Jazz album Chrono Trigger arrives from Square Enix

the trigger of a stopwatch has the best soundtrack of all video games (no room for debate, sorry), and so it’s seen more than one Squaresoft / Square Enix arrangement album in the many years since its release. The latest is a new entry in the Square Enix Jazz album series, which will feature 11 the trigger of a stopwatch pieces in a new arrangement of jazz. Pre-orders will take place until January 26, 2022 on the Japanese online store Square Enix, and by purchasing there, you will get a bonus MP3 track “Frog’s Theme Jazz Arrangement (Another Edition)”. The album costs 3,300 yen (US $ 28.71) and is apparently not available for purchase anywhere else at this time.

Via the sister site Siliconera, here is the list of Square Enix Jazz songs the trigger of a stopwatch album:

  • “Peaceful days”
  • “The Frog Theme”
  • “Lavos Theme”
  • “Robo Theme”
  • “The edge of time”
  • “Battle with Magus”
  • “The theme of Schala”
  • “Chrono and Marle ~ Distant Promise ~”
  • “World revolution”
  • “On the edge of time”
  • “The trigger of a stopwatch”

Incidentally, the trigger of a stopwatch has already crossed paths with acid jazz before, with Chrono Trigger Arranged version: The edge of time. But it never hurts to have even more ways to listen to this phenomenal music. At present, the the trigger of a stopwatch and Chrono Croix original soundtracks are available on Spotify, and your life will be forever empty until you listen to them.


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