Josh Turner’s kids didn’t help him get popular on TikTok


Count Josh Turner among the country artists who have recently found surprising success on TikTok. In May 2021, Turner’s 2016 hit “Would You Go With Me” found a whole new batch of fans when it began appearing on the social media app.

And while it’s tempting to wonder if Turner’s four sons – the oldest, Hampton, now 14 – have helped him figure out how to navigate the app, the singer says. Taste of rural nights that his children had nothing to do with it.

“It was about management,” Turner laughs, adding that his kids probably know even less about social media than he does. “They don’t have a phone! They are too busy… They would like to have a phone, but they don’t.”

The singer knows it won’t take long before this changes as boys age and approach their teens. “Our oldest is 14, so he’s probably not far from having one. But yes, you know what it is: once you have one, you have one for the rest of your life. “, he adds. “So it’s like, ‘Just wait. Enjoy being a little boy.'”

While Turner’s kids might not have as much access to social media as some kids their age, they did get a pretty exciting compromise: spending time on the road with their country star dad. In fact, earlier in the children’s infancy, Turner said that he and his wife, Jennifer, regularly took the boys on tour.

“My wife was in my group for over 10 years, so we pretty much raised our first three kids on the road,” he explains, adding that he suspects his setup inspired some of his star parents to. compatriot who wondered about logistics. to travel with the family.

“We were sort of, honestly, I would say a favorite in the area, because I remember some of the guys from Little Big Town – they would be on tour with me, and they would come and see our bus, trying to figure out how get the kids on the road, ”adds Turner. “So we kind of showed them things.”

Despite all of this, Turner says as his family grows, the children are staying at home more and more often. “When we had our fourth, it got too chaotic, loading and unloading the bus, packing for each trip, trying to do the shows every night and all that,” he recalls. “It’s better for them to be at home and me on the road. We all do more that way.”

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