Loans for Beginners – How Does It Work?


How difficult is it to get loans for start-up companies ? Let’s find out if you read the article until the end. So you plan to open your business, but know that the costs to put everything into practice are not cheap. The most conventional is to think of a loan – Okay! But is it safe? Is it worth putting together a company already taking out a loan, and how does it work?

Depending on the size of the company, many entrepreneurs resort to one more credit and finance modalities existing. Even because setting up a small or medium-sized company, paying for the material, hiring employees, etc., is not something that demands little money. It is worth remembering that most financial institutions work with lines of financing for innovation and implementation of new businesses, especially working capital and fixed investment.

In practice government has also encouraged individuals to become entrepreneurs and open their new businesses. They help leverage smaller ventures and give financial freedom to many people. And if you are having the idea of ​​setting up your business, of course you will need resources, from CNPJ registration to product purchase, rental of rooms, equipment, decoration, and varied expenses, regardless of your type of business.

How Loans Work for Newbies ..


 How Loans Work for Newbies ..


Today there are several banks that work with corporate credit, among which are: Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Bradesco, Santander, Itaú, credit cooperatives, Peer-to-Peer Lending sites, crowdfunding, loan communities among other organizations that provide future entrepreneurs.

To achieve approval, the entrepreneur needs to put together a number of company and personnel documents, as well as create a structured Business Plan according to the growth objectives for the next five years, then you can scale the type of loan or financing.

It is worth mentioning that in the course of the credit analysis, the bank may request some other documents. Therefore, the criteria for loan release for new companies are based on a series of evaluation criteria for both the enterprise and the entrepreneur. However, it is important to know and understand that the loan is a viable medium or not, given the interest rates and other structural problems that can cause problems.

Care at the time of applying for loan for new companies

 Care at the time of applying for loan for new companies

Today there are many banks that offer loans to start-up companies that act as micro or small businesses. But it is critical that in addition to strategic planning and financial organization, it is important to conduct market research and measure the potential results of the venture.

These companies must meet all of the prerequisites of the program by contacting a resource agent for the microentrepreneur. Stay tuned for some tips before you apply for any loans and do not fall for the magic wiles that exist on the internet:

• Never take a loan with an interest rate higher than the profitability of the business: this is a good way to identify if the interest rates are high for the venture or not;

• Pay attention to interest charged: the interest rate on a personal loan represents the cost of using the money that will be provided. That is, interest is the amount you will pay the most for the cash advance you need;

Options to get loan for startups

 Options to get loan for startups

Angels Investors : This is another option for those who want to start a business. Technology business has attracted more and more investors who are betting on the growth and success of the company. Usually the investment is made by individuals, through the provision of own financial resources and / or advice to the entrepreneur. Angels Investors believe in the talent this company can bring while still helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

But a tip is fundamental if you want to get an Angel Investor: to get this type of investment you need to consolidate the idea and the business plan well, and present some differential for the investor. What’s more, the business needs to have some characteristics such as: being an innovative business, being a market with significant potential, and a business with growth potential and high profitability.

Investor Partners : A partner can be a great way to get money to open your business. You can opt for a partner-investor, who invests in your company in exchange for equity interest. That is, having a partner, that partner who believes in the idea and has a capital to open a company, tends to be an advantageous alternative for your company, because in addition to an extra capital, the costs are divided.

Collective financings : They are a good option to get loans for start-up companies both to open and to expand. Today there are several platforms available !!! Search here on the site, surely you will find everything you want to know.

Good luck!