Maree Coote – Melbourne Girls

Finally! A TRUE Story of Melbourne… With Women Added for more strength!

Meet the girls from Melbourne. The rich girls; poor girls; the gorgeous gay girls—and the girls who prefer to paint. Meet Aboriginal warriors who don’t like compromise.

Meet divas labeled as “difficult”, while their men never are. Find out which ultra-modern man from Melbourne accused Nellie Melba of penis envy! Who has discredited more female artists than he has had hot breakfasts? Did Effie really deliver an immaculate conception? Who took Gail Couper out of surfing history?
How did Panda cover Gray-Gray? Who asked if Lincoln was impotent/Churchill flatulent/Napoleon constipated? Who said Magda was not funny? Which woman seduced Chrissy Amphlett into the spotlight? Why did Stella Young enlist a murderer for her cause? Which French lover inspired Mirka’s trip to Melbourne? What woman paid for Melbourne’s hospitals, art galleries and gardens? Who proposed the castration of rapists in 1884? Who fooled the media with a miniskirt? Which girl group was the most swingin’? Who is Melbourne’s Wizard of Oz? Who put fairies at the bottom of Melbourne’s garden? Who had to paint on boxes of Corn Flakes? Which politician was filmed in leather?… And which famous Australian men called them all unfeminine, unfeminine and unworthy?

Discover the true history of Melbourne through the lives of the fabulous women who built the city, its culture, its community and its commerce. Everyone is a giant. Most were described as “difficult”. All were denied a statue. Why? Discover in Melbourne Girls: A Guide to Melbourne’s Invisible Statues.

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