Morogoro music group praises a concert


The show, which took place in Morogoro, brought together three dance music groups seeking to rekindle the enthusiasm of domestic dance music.

The director of the Waluguru Original Music Band, Deogratius David, revealed that his troupe had, since the show took place, received numerous invitations to performances in several parts of the region.

He revealed, “We took full advantage of the show, which aimed to bring local dance music back to its lost glory, entertaining followers of the genre.”

“ A lot of genre fans are attending our events lately. ”

The singer said that although the event brought together three troupes, namely Bogos Musica from Dar es Salaam, Sky Melody from Dodoma and other troupes, he is confident that the concert helped his troupe attract more followers. .

He revealed, “We made good use of the show, making sure that dance music fans appreciate that our troupe is a good troupe and that kind of music is always appealing, especially since it doesn’t benefit. a lot of support as it has in the past. ‘

David further pointed out that Waluguru Original Music Band is planning to stage shows in several other parts, including Dar es Salaam.

According to the artist, they will seek to organize a windfall, which will be held every Sunday in the city.

David noted that his troupe was now famous with a new album, titled “Kikao cha Wahenga”.

The ‘Kikao cha Wahenga’ has six pieces, ‘Morogoro Yetu’, ‘Mwanzo wa Mapenzi’, ‘Cha Kupewa’, ‘Ngalile Mwanangu Ndole’, ‘Supu’ and ‘Nataka Nilewe’.

The singer pointed out that the song “Morogoro Yetu” features attractions that can be found in Morogoro, including captivating hills.

The singer insisted that “Kikao cha Wahenga” is part of his group’s efforts to bring dance music back to popularity.

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