Motorcycle intercom or Bluetooth headset: guide, tips and everything you need to know

If you want to buy an exchanger to take away when you go on a motorcycle, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to acquire the best one for you.

Just like when we go by car, being able to talk on the phone while riding a motorcycle requires legal components and that do not entail any fines from the Civil Guard.

This is where the intercoms come in that we are going to tell you about right now, so you can get to know them better and have all the necessary data to get the one that best suits your needs.

These communication systems coexist with so-called hands-free systems, but they should not be confused, even if they look alike.

The hands-free systems They allow us to answer calls and play the songs that we like the most and that we carry on our smartphone, for example on Spotify, and all this wirelessly.

intercoms They have these same functions, but add the possibility of communicating with our passenger, provided they are equipped in the same way. It even allows us to talk to one or more bikers who have gone out with us.

By making all these connections through the Bluetooth protocol, intercoms are also called Bluetooth headsets.

Current legality

According to the highway code, in the category belonging to Movement of motor vehicles and road safetyHe specifies in his section 13.3 that intercoms are legal for use on motorcycles throughout Spanish territory.

The previous regulations did not prohibit the “driving a motorcycle with devices, mobile phones, navigators or any other means or system of communication, except when the development of communication takes place without using the hands or using helmets, earphones or similar instruments”,

Currently, it is said that “The use of wireless devices certified or approved for use in the headset will not be considered part of the ban” as is the case with intercoms.

It means that these systems are completely legal and others, such as wearing headphones in the ear, connecting via cables, or handling any type of device while on the move, are out of the ordinary and can result in a hefty fine.


Main duties

Intercoms are devices that will allow us a good number of possibilities and functions when we go on a motorcycle.

We can make sure extremely interesting tasks and it will make our trip much more enjoyable.

The main functions that we can perform are:

  • Make a hands-free kit: thanks to these devices we will be able to answer the calls that arrive on the smartphone, without having to be distracted from driving in any way. There are some models in which up to two smartphones can be connected at the same time, in addition to being able to share calls with our passenger, if they also have an exchanger.
  • Listen to music: we can send MP3 music from our smartphone or listen to a Spotify playlist, as long as the Bluetooth intercom is A2DP and AVRCP type, because we can also skip songs, stop music, etc.
  • Listen to the radio: if you put the radio on your smartphone it works the same way music does but, yes, it is true that there are intercoms that have their own tuner, so in these cases we can listen to it directly .
  • GPS: As with music, it will allow us to listen to the signals indicated by the GPS software of the smartphone, to know where to go. It is recommended to install an app that supports motorcycle navigation.
  • Intercom Mode: This is one of the star functions of this type of device, since thanks to it we can communicate with the person we have as a companion on the motorcycle or with other bikers with whom we have gone out and who we are close. Some even allow group communication, so everyone hears what we say and vice versa.


What should you consider when buying an intercom

If we want to have the best intercom for us, there are certain details and parameters that we must take into account when we are going to buy a system of this type.

The closer we get to all these details, the better the device we have and, therefore, the more we are going to enjoy it and the better it will adapt to all the needs we have on the road.

  • Approval: The first thing we must take into account is that it is approved, that it complies with all the regulations in force and that it cannot raise any doubts about its legal operation.
  • Scope: the range must be good to be able to communicate with other motorcyclists if necessary, so the minimum must be 800 meters.
  • Adaptability: This is a section in which we must pay particular attention, since it must be an intercom that adapts perfectly to the helmet so that there are no problems and everything works as it should .
  • Autonomy: Any self-respecting system of this type should evolve between 10 and 12 hours of battery life, so those that last less should not be considered for purchase.
  • Endurance: Obviously we have to make sure that it is protected against water and dirt, as this will make it last longer.
  • voice commands: It is extremely interesting that our intercom system accepts voice commands, so that in this way we can manage everything related to the communication between the exchanger and the smartphone in a much more efficient and safe way.
  • Brands: we must avoid those who are not leaders, whom we do not know or who we know are white labels. Some of the most recognized are Sena, Lexin or Cardo.


With everything we have told you, you will now be able to acquire an intercom that perfectly matches what you need, being completely legal and with all the functions that will help you be with your motorcycle on the road.

What is certain is that intercoms are devices that we can begin to consider essential for anyone who loves to ride a motorcycle.

You can tell us, on our social networks, which model you have chosen and why, because knowing your opinion is very important to us.

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