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By Lazlo

originally published: 08/15/2022

Lazlo, founder of (an online station based on New Jersey artists), highlights some of the many new releases by NJ-based musicians each week with this column. This week, Lazlo takes a look at releases from woodthrush, Vista Rhymes, Tom Barrett, NOT YER BABY, crry yrslf, and Steam Enginess.

woodthrush – “chh.mp3 / my god! what did you do to her?” [singles] – On the heels of releasing an EP of great shoegaze, folk, emo rock, woodthrush has 2 new singles of songs that sound different enough from the EP that I can see why they weren’t in it, but everything as entertaining as the EP.

Rimes Vista – “VR1” – “VR1” is only 2 songs, but I hope it’s just a taste of what’s to come from Vista Rhymes because I like their sound. “APX” is alternative rock with pop hooks, while “Modern Problems” is alternative rock with a more punk twist. I can’t wait to learn more about this group.

Tom Barrett – “Listen to Him Again” [single] – The lead single from Tom Barrett’s forthcoming album, “You Are And You Always Have Been,” is a beautiful, contemplative, classic country ballad that builds both lyrically and musically through to the final note.

NOT YOUR BABY – “Sleep well” [single] – Nothing compares to a catchy, fun pop tune that gets stuck in your head and spins around until it sinks in that the lyrics are much darker than the music would lead you to believe. . Well done!

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crry yrslf – foreword [single] – The new single from crry yrslf is a moving piece of chamber pop.

Steam Engines – “Lady of the Lake” – Steam Enginess describes their music as “mostly acoustic music”, but I think it would give the wrong impression to just call them folk. Some of their songs are folk, but others are pop or artistic tunes, and there are orchestral epics. That’s why I hate to describe music as anything other than “good”. It’s definitely good music. Really very good.

It’s all for this week.

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