ODOT Region 4 Build Update: Week of July 20-23


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – This is the ODOT Region 4 build report for the week of July 20-23.

The Oregon Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe and efficient transportation system. ODOT invests in the future of Oregon through road improvement projects. The following projects are located in ODOT Region 4 encompassing central Oregon from The Dalles to Klamath Falls on the east side of the Cascades.

All work is weather dependent and times are subject to change.

Deschutes County

US 97: S Century Drive at the USFS border (MP 153.11-MP 156.26)

The contractor will prepare the site for the Level 4 operational shutdown of the fire season. No traffic delay is expected.

US 97: Nels Anderson Place-Romaine Village Way (Paving Bend Parkway

No work on this project is planned this week.

For more information, including detour maps, please visit the project website.

Harney / Lake Counties

US395: Big Stick – Alkali Lake, Lakeview, Lakeview-Burns Highway (MP 15.43-MP46.93).

No work scheduled for the week of July 20. Work will resume on July 26.

US395 & OR140 (Lakeview) ADA border ramps (MP142.62-MP144.06) Demolition, excavation and sidewalk work are planned. Signaling operation at times with minimal delays for traffic.

Hood River County

I-84: Hood River East and Westbound Bridges Project, I-84 (MP 63.9-64.42)

The contractor has completed the Hood River Bridges project, which will likely be the case before the last entry on the construction report.

For more information, please visit the project website.

Jefferson County
and CTWS reservation

US 26: Warm Springs Safety Corridor (MP 103.02-MP111.16).

The contractor will carry out the excavation and earthworks. New curb and drainage pipes will also be installed along the shoulder of the highway. The motorway will be reduced to a traffic lane which will be controlled by flaggers and a pilot car. Traffic delays can be expected of up to 20 minutes.

Klamath County

OR39: Crest St. – Madison St., Klamath Falls, MP2.99-MP4.26) Cleaning work is scheduled during the day. No delay expected.

OR140 Brett Lane Extension (South Klamath Falls Hwy, MP3.74-4.75)

The start of prospecting and excavation work is scheduled. Expect minor delays. Homedale is closed at the intersection of South Klamath Falls Highway and Homedale. Use a marked detour route.

Sherman County

U.S. 97: Rockfall Project (US 97 / Sherman Highway Milestone 0.87-3.69)

The contractor will perform corrective signage work under the shoulder.

Wasco County (OR) / Klickitat (WA)

The Dalles (Columbia River) Bridge Project (US -197: WA MP 0.57 I-84: MP100.6-US 197: OR MP 0.61 I-84: MP 102.2.

Construction crews will work at night (Sun – Thursday evenings); Expect delays of up to 20 minutes during night hours while flaggers control traffic on the bridge. The majority of the work will take place under the bridge and will include the scaffolding finishing work and the installation of a trolley platform. Crews will continue to form new concrete panels at their precast site location.

Wasco County Reservation / CTWS

US26: Clear Lake Road – NW Dogwood Lane, Warm Springs Highway, (MP 66.43-112.91).

Expect signaled lane closures as the contractor removes and installs storm water inlets and pipes between terminals 66 and 71.

Wheeler County

US26: Bridge Creek Bridge Project (US 26 / Ochoco Highway, mile marker 64.91-65.19)

The contractor carries out the reconstruction of the bed of the watercourse and the earthworks. Traffic is routed to a single lane detour next to the existing bridge and controlled by a traffic light.

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