Paolo Sandejas on the BTS V playlist

Filipino singer-songwriter Paolo Sandejas and V of K-Pop group BTS (right). SCREENSHOT FROM BTS BLOG V DRIVE VLOG, BANGTANTV YOUTUBE

AFTER being the only Filipino artist chosen to perform at the Golden Melody Awards (GMA) in Taiwan last June, Paolo Sandejas has quickly taken a new step in his musical career.

The young Filipino singer-songwriter from Universal Records couldn’t believe that Kim Tae-hyung aka V of world famous South Korean boy band BTS had his song “Sorry” on his “Drive Vlog” playlist. The video was uploaded July 9 just in time for Army Day.

The nearly hour-long vlog is the first episode of the boyband’s new series for their YouTube channel Bangtan Tv. At first glance, V really knows the song by heart as he enthusiastically plays along to the original single de Sandejas while driving his car.

Sandejas’ “Sorry” is part of her 2020 EP “Purple Afternoon” and now has over 405,000+ streams. Likewise, he has an exclusive performance video for the said song from his online EP launch as well as a Wish Bus performance video.

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Of course, Filipino ARMYs felt proud after discovering this exciting news as his name became a trending topic on Twitter under Music.

Plus, Sandejas himself is undeniably in awe of this super big blessing. In fact, he’s being honored for this “surreal experience” this weekend, in time for ARMY Day.

“Having one of the greatest artists in the world know my name and listen to my songs is insane to me! It’s a surreal experience, and I have no words to express how honored I am that he appreciates a song that I worked so hard on.” he explained.

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