Poplar Creek Public Library Soundwave Music Library Call for Applications


The Poplar Creek Public Library District calls on all Chicago area musicians and bands to submit original songs for review at their first local music library, Soundwave. The service will offer a diverse collection of local music through a free and user-friendly digital platform. Music must be submitted online by July 30, 2021 at https://soundwave.pclib.org.

The Soundwave Music Library aims to showcase local music from a variety of genres including bluegrass, hip-hop, electronics, rock, and world music. The collection hopes to represent the sounds of the Chicago area.

“This is our inaugural launch. We hope that artists and bands who discover this opportunity can potentially be part of the collection. We are looking for musicians of all kinds to participate,” said Kris Kenney, Soundwave Project Manager .

Here are some important details for interested local musicians and groups to submit:

• Musicians should be based in the Chicago area.

• Selected musicians will receive honoraria for sharing their music.

• Musicians must own the rights to the music they submit.

• Musicians can submit up to one song for review and will need a minimum of three songs if selected.

• The deadline for submitting music is Friday July 30, 2021.

• The submission form is available at https://soundwave.pclib.org/submit.

For more information on the project, visit https://soundwave.pclib.org or call (630) 483-4939.

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