R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend testifies to abuse


The woman has testified anonymously, but has previously spoken publicly about her experiences with the singer. CNN does not name the witness, who testified as “Jane Doe”.

She is the eighth witness to testify at Kelly’s federal trial in Brooklyn, where he faces racketeering and sex trafficking charges. He pleaded not guilty to all counts.

On the witness stand Monday, the 23-year-old said she was a high school student from Florida when she met Kelly at a music festival, and after a member of her entourage handed her over her phone number, she contacted him for advice on entering the music industry. She was 17, she testified, but told Kelly she was 18.

Doe said she spent months attending Kelly’s shows across the country and said he asked her to tell her assistant to book her trip. Their relationship quickly turned sexual, she testified, then violent.

Kelly, dressed in a black suit with a mustard-colored shirt and black face mask, was unmoved during her testimony, which was only visible to the media and members of the public thanks to a grainy video feed in theaters. separate hearing.

Kelly’s attorneys have not commented on her testimony at CNN’s request.

In opening statements, defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker described the female witness as a “longtime girlfriend” of Kelly, saying she “is just another example of someone who has ended up having a mobile “.

“I just wanted to sing”

Doe cried softly as she described the types of music lessons she took and the sports she played as a high school student when she met Kelly. He was 48 years old.

She said she saw him perform at a music festival in Florida in 2015 and testified that after Kelly contacted her in the crowd and sang to her, a member of her entourage handed her her number. phone and said, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Doe eventually contacted Kelly using the phone number she was given because he was also a singer and wanted advice.

“I felt any review would be a good review,” she said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez said in her opening statement last week that Kelly told the girl’s parents he could help her with her career.

“He told her she was the next Aaliyah,” Melendez said, referring to the late singer Kelly married when she was just 15.

Kelly asked Doe to audition for him at a nearby hotel a few days after the concert. When Doe arrived, Kelly asked him to sit on her lap and kiss her.

“I didn’t necessarily want to,” she said.

He then invited her to a hotel room, according to his testimony.

“Before I could audition he had to (ejaculate),” she said as she told him.

Doe said Kelly constantly tried to persuade her to have sex with him or let him perform sexual acts on her, saying that if she accepted he would take care of her “for life.”

“I didn’t necessarily like it. I just wanted to sing,” she said.

At one point during their stay in the hotel room, officers knocked on the door because the girl’s parents couldn’t reach her, Doe said. When Kelly asked her how old she was, she told him she was 18.

“I was trying to run away from him and fight”

After meeting R. Kelly in April 2015, Jane Doe began traveling to meet Kelly at shows he performed across the country, and testified that Kelly told her he wanted to teach her “musical techniques for improve myself as a singer “.

Doe testified that he was told to contact one of Kelly’s personal assistants to coordinate travel. Doe said she sent the assistant her legal date of birth, along with the cities Kelly asked Doe to go to.

“Mr. Kelly asked me to take me to LA on an early morning flight,” Doe said while reading a text from April 2015. Doe read several similar texts that had been sent to the assistant asking her to book. a trip, allegedly under Kelly’s direction.

Doe said Kelly started having sex with her in May 2015.

“We had sex almost every day,” she said. “Every time we had sex, he would record it.”

Doe testified that Kelly started recording them having sex at the age of 17, using one of the many iPads he carried with him in a backpack.

Towards the end of the summer of 2015, Doe testified that the sex became painful.

“I got to the point where I couldn’t even physically walk anymore,” she said.

A timeline of the case against R. Kelly

After seeing a doctor, Doe found out that she had contacted herpes. She testified that she was “devastated” after the diagnosis, saying she felt like Kelly had “deliberately given me something he knew he had.” She testified that Kelly had not used protection with her on several occasions and that he had not revealed that he had been diagnosed with genital herpes several years previously.

“I told him (Kelly) and he was flustered and said I could have gotten this from anyone,” Doe testified in tears. “I told him that I had only been intimate with him.”

Doe said she would “continually” have herpes outbreaks after sleeping with him, to which Kelly replied, “I think your pussy is broken.”

She read documents she had created with lists of “rules” Kelly had given her and reminders on how to act. She should not leave a room she was staying in without asking permission.

“Stop defending me. All Daddy says is help me,” she said, reading a handwritten list. “Thank him and be happy and solve the problem.”

Doe said she finally told Kelly she was 17 at the end of the summer, when she was due to return to Florida to start her senior year of high school.

“I was very scared and when I told him he slapped me in the face with an open palm and then he walked away,” Doe said. “He had never hit me before.

Eventually, Doe said, Kelly told him “he would talk to his lawyer to figure it out.”

The Solution Kelly Suggested: “I would need to be homeschooled and live with him in Chicago,” she said.

She testified that she and Kelly persuaded her parents to let her home school so that she could continue to learn music from him.

Eventually, Doe said, Kelly began to physically abuse her often.

When she was still 17, Doe testified that Kelly told her he would need to “chastise” or spank her, as “a way to help me get better.”

“I was reprimanded almost every two or three days. Spanking,” she said. “It left bruises and sometimes it tore at my skin.”

The spanking ultimately led to beatings, she said. One day, when she was still 17 years old, she said Kelly had beaten her after learning that she had told friends about her sexual relationship with the singer, according to her testimony.

Kelly punched her in the face, arms, buttocks – all over her body, she testified, claiming he even grabbed one of his Nike Air Force 1 shoes and hit her with it.

“I was trying to run away from him and fight but I was no match,” Doe said.

She testified that she is 4 feet 11 inches and Kelly is 6 feet.

Over the years, she has become a part of Kelly’s Girlfriend Group. Each year they got together and wrote letters, under Kelly’s direction, claiming that each of the girlfriends had committed an act such as theft.

“They (the letters) were basically to exploit us to protect him,” she said.

Doe testified that she got pregnant in 2017 and that Kelly pressured her to have an abortion.

“He had expressed that he still wanted me to keep my body tight and that he wanted to have a family after getting rid of the rest of the girls,” Doe said.

Doe testified that in addition to letters written by the girlfriends that aimed to protect the singer, Kelly also asked them to create embarrassing or damaging videos that could be used against them.

In one video, Doe testified that Kelly asked her to smear feces on her face.

“He told me exactly what to do in the video,” she said. “He told me to smear it on my face and what to say exactly and, like, put it in my mouth and act like I like it.”

“Did you want to do this?” Asked US Deputy Prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes.

“No,” Doe replied. “I do not have.”

She testified that after making the video, Kelly told her that she didn’t look like she was “in” enough and asked her to re-film it, which she did not do.

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