Reggae Festival Guide Magazine and Online Directory of Reggae Festivals Ganja Farmer Marlon Asher Does The Outreach Tour – New Dates Added!

Ganja Farmer Marlon Asher Does The Outreach Tour – New Dates Added!

March 10, 2022
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Ganja Farmer Marlon Asher Does The Outreach Tour – New Dates Added!

Marlon Asher is a Trinidadian reggae artist. His first big hit was “Ganja Farmer” (2006) and became an international reggae classic. Later, he released more popular reggae hits such as “Fit and Strong” (2006), “Ganja Cowboy” (2011), “Babylon Brutality” (2015), and most recently “Mama Say” (2019), ” Reggae Music” with Anthony B (2019), “Family Love” (2020) and “Use Me” (2021). He received the COTT (Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago) award in 2019 for best reggae dancehall artist.

Marlon’s single “Ganja Farmer” has over 12.4 million streams on Spotify alone. Marlon has been a regular guest performer at top music festivals around the world and has toured with Grammy award-winning artists such as Shaggy, Beenie Man, Matisyahu and Slightly Stoopid.

Check out his video clip:
Marlon Asher – Ganja Farmer, 2006

In his youth, he was a member of the Mount Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church choir and later embraced the Rasta faith. Marlon Asher is a pioneer of the Trinidadian reggae movement.

Over the past few years, Marlon has recorded regularly. He released two top ten albums in 2019, including “Rebirth” with Vas Productions. This album includes features with Anthony B, Slightly Stoopid and Pressure Busspipe. It was his third full studio album. The other release of 2019 was a collaboration album with various artists titled “Life Of A Ghetto Youth Chapter 2” on which Marlon did two songs. His previous albums include “Unconditional Love” (2006), “Illusions” (2015) “Life Of A Ghetto Youth” (2017). Marlon does twelve of the eighteen songs on this collaboration album. Chapters 1 and 2 of Life of a Ghetto Youth raise awareness of gun violence and the hardships of living in the Caribbean ghetto. For this project, Marlon helped raise $30,000 for victims and survivors of gun violence in Trinidad and Jamaica.

Marlon has collaborated on recordings with some of the biggest reggae artists in the world including Sizzla, Anthony B, Slightly Stoopid, Pressure Busspipe, Fortunate Youth, Kottonmouth Kings, Don Corleon, Teflon Zinkfence and many more. These collaborations take Marlon’s career to the next level, increasing his visibility and fan base around the world.

During the covid 19 shutdowns around the world, Marlon has been in the studio working on singles and his next album. The album is expected to be released in 2022 with Vas Productions.

Marlon Asher is still on the rise!
Spotify: 114,000 monthly listeners; Facebook: 100,000 subscribers; Instagram: 17,000 subscribers

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