Sandwich Fire Cleanup creating issue “ News”

Update: WSPY news has learned that work to clean up the site of the fire began on Thursday. That’s according to Sandwich Police Chief Jim Bianchi.


Sandwich City Council explored ways to speed up the clearing of rubble on West Center Street near Main Street this week. A neighboring owner complained about the situation.

Sandwich Alderman Brent Holcomb spoke on the matter.

One proposal was to put a fence around the site, although the last time the city did this for another site there was no financial reimbursement.

Sandwich town attorney Casandra Gottschalk advised the council.

The city is also reviewing any violations of the ordinances, however, the city has spoken to the owner.

The building had apartments on the second floor and a lumber store on the first floor. After the fire spread, the building had to be demolished to ensure the fire was fully extinguished. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the state fire marshal’s office. By the time firefighters arrived, there was already heavy fire and smoke at the front of the building.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to indicate that cleanup of the fire site began on Thursday.

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