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Some companies in certain periods need credit to continue their normal operations, such as payment of wages or acquisition of raw material. Finding on a single website possible investors for your business who are interested in lending you money seems like a dream, does not it? At Fdex it’s like this: you find all possible investors in your business on the site.

With the advancement of technology, the financial market was forced to modernize. New business models were emerging, loans to individuals and corporations became more affordable and processes less bureaucratic. The great novelty is the emergence of the credit marketplaces, where are gathered several types of investors that connect to their business model if there is interest in the investment.

Fdex is one of the largest marketplaces in the market where different types of investors are gathered. By bringing investors of diverse profiles together in one place, the search process becomes faster, more intelligent and more effective. It is important to emphasize that we are talking about a technology company and not a financial institution. Fdex does not provide loans or financing, but it does connect investors with companies that need credit.


How does Fdex – F (x) work?


How does Fdex - F (x) work?


Fdex is a technology company that has the function of seeking credit for medium and large companies. The platform used has about 110 registered financiers who may be interested in its business model. Almost 90% of the cases have an engagement between the borrower and the financier who has the money. The scope of this business model is national and after registering in the system you will have access to the entire available market and the services offered.

What are the advantages of investing in Fdex?


What are the advantages of investing in Fdex?

In addition to facilitating communication between the borrower and the lenders who are interested in your business model, Fdex is a specialist in collateral and receivables solutions. You have the option to discount your receivables in a more advantageous and innovative way, as it is not possible in other companies or marketplaces.

Receivables – Duplicates Discount

You can use Fdex to discount your receivables and their duplicates in a much smarter and more advantageous way. Look:

  • The marketplace has the most advantageous rates on the market;
  • Optimization of its receivables portfolio;
  • You will have access to more than 50 FIDCs;
  • Reduced risk of market liquidity.

Credit with guarantee

You can use your guarantees to get the best financing proposals available in the market. See conditions:

  • Much more competitive rates and the most advantageous payment terms on the market;
  • Access to more than 80 funders at one time;
  • Proposals of higher values.


How is the connection between companies and financiers made?


The process of connecting lenders with your business model is done in 4 very simple steps. Follow:

  • Registration : The first step to be carried out is the registration on the website, where you must inform all the data of your company, the credit you need and the guarantees you have to get it;
  • Matching Report : The second step is where the liaison between potential lenders and the companies that need the loan happens. You learn, through the platform, which investors are interested in lending you money and if your operation is succeeding;
  • Virtual Prediction: The technology used in Fdex is able to group all the investors engaged in your project, using a kind of trading floor that offers the best financing proposals at that moment for your company;
  • Negotiation and formalization : You should select the best proposal and take advantage of Fdex tools that provide greater agility and safety, both for you and the chosen financier, and complete your operation quickly.

Any financial institution and institutional investors that are focused on credit can become investors. You can register as many credit profiles as you wish.

After completing your registration, all companies that match your profile will be displayed in the report that you will receive. All your data will be kept confidential and you will be identified with a unique and unique code. Your data will only be disclosed when the company concerned gives exclusivity to its financing structure.

Know the advantages of being an investor:

Proven Expertise: You can count on a highly qualified team with more than 25 years of experience in the financial market, with extensive experience in companies such as Msquare, XP, Credit Suisse and Hedging Griffin.

State-of-the-art technology: The algorithms used can identify your credit preferences and constraints, avoiding possible wastage of time and resources.

Fully optimized processes

The processes are automated and standardized so that it is easier to find company information, facilitating the analysis process. The reports are designed specifically for those who give the credit. Get to know Fdex or F (x) structured credit solutions today. A credit marketplace that does not stop growing. Be a funded company or an investor!