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Once upon a time, radio was king. These days, the medium may not be as popular as alternatives such as TV and online services, but that doesn’t mean radio is dead. However, finding a radio player on the outside of your car can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives online that allow you to access a wide variety of radio stations. No matter what you’re looking for, here are the top five websites that have you covered.

A screenshot of the FMRadioFree landing page

FMRadioFree is an online radio service that lets you access over 15,000 US radio stations anytime you want. There’s a lot to choose from here, and the website is also easy to navigate.

By default, the FMRadioFree landing page will show you some of the most popular radio stations, such as FOX News Radio or MSNBC. Clicking on the station of your choice takes you to a new page where the broadcast starts playing – it’s that easy.

From there you can adjust the volume and play and pause at your own discretion. If there is a song that you particularly liked, the website will list it under the channel box, so you can get its name and artist as well.

FMRadioFree gives you access to a wide variety of radio stations across the United States. You can filter the radio by location, so it’s easy to find your favorite local radio station just by choosing your state.

If you are looking for something more specific, you can also browse radio stations by genre. If you know exactly what you want, you can even search for the station by name.

A screenshot of the landing page

Then,, a free online radio accessible anywhere on the Internet. offers more than 30,000 radio stations from all over the world. This gives you an incredible variety of options to listen to. offers some of the most interesting channels under Editor’s Choice, which lets you listen to music that you wouldn’t normally be able to listen to on your regular radio.

But if you’re just looking for something local, supports that as well. Depending on your location, you’ll receive a number of recommended local stations, and you can even search for them by name or click the random button for a truly unique experience.

You can like stations as you listen to them, and will remember recently listened stations, so you can easily customize your preferences. Finding the station that’s right for you is easy. has almost 50 different genres and topics that you can search for. You can sort the different stations this way, or by sorting by main stations, the most popular stations. It makes it easier than ever to find something new and just right for you.

A screenshot of the iHeartRadio landing page

iHeartRadio is one of the more feature rich radios on this list, with a wide variety of features and options that you are bound to find useful. You will even find that getting started is quick and easy.

The site features a simple button that allows you to easily and quickly select some of your favorite music genres. From there, iHeartRadio will recommend you a variety of radio stations that it thinks you will like based on those preferences.

You can choose a station here or from a wide variety of live radio stations. The number of options here is a bit more limited than some of the other entries on the list, but the information provided is more detailed.

iHeartRadio even offers contests and promotions from the radio station in question, as well as associated podcasts. You will also find other radio stations that you may like depending on your listening on the page.

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However, what sets iHeartRadio apart are its artist radio stations. You can select an artist you like, like Billie Eilish or Post Malone, and iHeartRadio will generate a radio station based on their music, be it their top hits or similar artists.

iHeartRadio also includes a variety of music news, which also makes it easy to access this content. You can also sort stations by genre.

A screenshot of the Online Radio Box landing page

The next entry is Online Radio Box. While other online radio stations, such as FMRadioFree, focus on a location with great depth, Online Radio Box focuses on providing the widest range of stations possible.

The website divides radio stations into six distinct regions based on continent. Once you have chosen Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe or Oceania, you can then choose a country corresponding to that region.

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No matter which country you choose, Online Radio Box has a list of radio stations that you can listen to from that country. The variety here is truly impressive, giving you an insight into a wide variety of different cultures and peoples.

Online Radio Box also offers the ability to search by genre, and as you might have guessed, these options are just as extensive. Choosing rock as a genre, for example, gives you no less than 35 rock subgenres to choose from if you wish.

A screenshot of the TuneIn landing page

Finally, TuneIn is on this list. Like the other platforms we have mentioned, it gives you access to popular stations and podcasts in your area, as well as a large number of sports stations.

TuneIn offers live sports, a wide variety of sports chat stations, and even the ability to sort sports stations by genre. You can even bookmark upcoming games in advance, then play them the same day.

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TuneIn stands out from some of the other entries on this list by also offering a premium account option. Choosing to subscribe to this service gives you access to a number of features.

You receive live from NFL, MLB and College Sports stations, as well as a variety of others. There are also fewer ads on all stations and totally ad-free listening to CNN, FOX News Radio and others.

Internet shouldn’t be the only way

Hope you were able to find something that could help you listen to the radio wherever you are. While online radio is a fantastic way to do this, there are always other options on how to move forward.

Consider the devices around you, your phone, your TV, and your car. There is a whole world of options you can explore, and online radio stations are just the start.

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