The Roots ‘Want more? !!! ??!’ Deluxe Edition is now available


The album that solidified the Neo-Soul / Hip Hop group, The Roots, as a force in the field of hip hop is being redistributed. Considered a staple of the jazz-rap sub-genre, Do you want more? !!! ??!, achieved cult status despite not selling a huge amount of units. The group’s first label was released over 26 years ago, on January 17, 1995, and only reached Gold status in 2015, over 20 years later.

Nevertheless, the merits of the album are never questioned. In a time of increasingly violent male chauvinism and storytelling in hip hop, the Philadelphia-raised ensemble has managed to ground itself in music history in its own way. Their mix of live instrumentation, storytelling as well as introspective and technically competent lyrics from Black Thought and Malik B. made this a first of its kind.

Led again by, MC Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, the Philadelphia rap team return to where they started with a 3LP, 4LP and a luxury digital collection of Do you want more? !!! ??! to be released on June 25, 2021 via Geffen / Ume records.

This deluxe edition is inspired by the original recordings and includes 18 bonus tracks curated by Questlove, ranging from unreleased records to songs that have never been released on streaming platforms. The 3LP Luxury Vinyl Edition includes five bonus tracks – “Proceed II Feat. Roy Ayers“”, “Continue III“”, “Proceed IV (AJ Shine Mix)“”, “Continue V (Beatminerz Mix), “with five remixes of”Silent treatment, with the “Street Mix” available in streaming.

The roots do you want more

Also included is a 24-page booklet featuring images taken by Mpozi Tolbert, Questlove and Black Thought essays as well as track-by-track commentary.. The 4LP Edition includes all of the above, plus eight other bonus tracks; “In Your Dreams Kid (I’m every MC), “The Ultimate (Original Version ’94), “…… (period point point … on & on), “Pffat time,“”Carried away (original version), “It happens, “”Lazy afternoon (alternative version),“And two remixed versions of”Static distortion. ”

Through their innovative and revolutionary blend of hip hop and other black genres, The Roots established themselves as an important part of the evolution of hip hop as the first true hip hop group. Their success as artists also spawned other opportunities. They are also the house group on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon and held the same role on Late at night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014.

The roots do you want more

With the deluxe edition of Do you want more? !!! ??!, a classic album is revisited. While it can be risky to rub shoulders with such a prestigious album, fans should have faith in the band’s combined musical knowledge.

The deluxe version of Do you want more? !!! ??! can be broadcast here.

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