The Taylor Swift song you should listen to if you’re a Sagittarius

As stated in Seduce, the Sagittarius zodiac signs love to discover new things. Taylor Swift has a ton of upbeat songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about moving on and finding something better, which is perhaps why Sag signs are so drawn to her music.

However, there is one song that is most suitable for Sagittarius, according to The California daily. Fiery Sag signs will love Swift’s high-energy song “Getaway Car,” which details a very Bonnie and Clyde relationship triangle, ending in confusion, heartbreak, and an abandoned lover in — you guessed it — a bar. of motels. While the situation presented in the song — old flames versus new passion — is definitely complicated, Sagittarius signs will love the song’s fast-paced story.

A main trait of Sagittarius zodiacs is the urge to be constantly entertained and the hatred of being bored, which is why the simple lyrics of “Getaway Car” are so perfect for Swift and other Sagittarius zodiacs. The song is taken from her 2017 album “Reputation,” which marked the start of a new, darker era for the singer. Fork called her vocal performance “cool, conversational, detached”, a great way to describe the emergence of Swift’s more mature sound and also the generally intense nature of the Sagittarius zodiacs.

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