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Tupidy is one of the biggest and most popular sites for downloading and downloading media files. This music portal also lists many classic and trendy music videos through its search engine tool. Www.tupidy.com is a free music portal. There are no hidden charges or fees attached to downloading files. As all registered users are allowed to download files from tubidy.com for free and also download. If you are new to tubidy.com, these are all tabs available in the top menu. This helps the user to easily locate a particular file on this portal. You can click on each menu to get a full view of the content. Or you can use the search menu to do a quick search for files available on this platform.

Tubidy Music Video Menu and Categories

One good thing about this mobile site that sets it apart from any other portal is that the interface doesn’t have my icons. This navigation aid allows the user to easily find what he is looking for on this portal. Let’s take a look at the different menus available on the site www.tubidy.com. Below are the difference categories and the menu on tupidy.

  • Best videos.
  • Better research.
  • My views recently.
  • My account.
  • Tongue.
  • To look for.

My Account Playlists – This feature allowed registered users to create their own playlists account. The playlist contains tupidy music video and your choice of audio recorded on.

Top Video – Top Video displays the best trending videos around the world. These most wanted videos can be seen on the homepage.

My Upload – Did you know that the tupidy portal offers you the possibility to upload your music to the site? Yes! you can download your media files from www.tupidy.com. to download your music, click on My Account and fill in the required information. Accept the terms and conditions. Go to the download option and fill in your song details, then click on it and you are good to go.

my statistics – contained all the information about your account Login – to connect to your tupidy account, click on this option.

My Recently Viewed – This category contained files that you streamed or shared the last time you visited the portal. When you click on it, you will see the files that you have already viewed.

Language – www.tupidy.com is a large and popular site that users around the world use to download and download. it has a different language option where users can change to their own language by clicking on the flag.

Search – www.tupidy is a search engine tool that indexes music from different sources on their portal for user to download or stream. To search for any music or video you want. Click on the search tool and type the name of the song or the name of the artist in the space and click on search.

Domains www.Tubidy.com

There are other domains of tupidy.com to easily identify files and below are some of them.







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