Twelve New Country Songs Perfect For A Summer Sound Like Nashville


Summer has officially started and it’s time to blow your favorite summer country music! Songs from the biggest stars in genres like Kenny Chesney, Billy Karrington and Jake Owen It’s been a staple for many years. After all, isn’t the summer party a summer party without “shoes, no shirts, no problems”, “right direction”, “at the beach”?

When country fans get ready to compose their ultimate summer playlist Looks like nashville We have specially selected the 12 best novelties perfect for this sunny season. Featured song Scotty McClerry, Restless road, Old minion, Alexander Ludwig, Cat & Alex, Ryan Griffin, Zac Brown Band, Walker Haze, More. Has your favorite made a list?

Old servant – I was on a boat that day

Old Dominion is back with a summer national anthem with the appropriate title, “I Was On A Boat That Day.” This funny farewell song is an instant cover and fans want their next boat trip hassle-free. “The river was flowing / I was on the float / she had been telling me that for a very long time / I had already been absent for a very long time” Lead singer Matthew Ramsey admits bitterly. Sometimes boats are great for partying both And At the same time, celebrate your freedom after your breakup. Ask these people.

Cat & Alex – – Radio with you

Kat & Alex’s “How Many Times” is a single that took them to new heights, but we recommend that you omit “You and the Radio” for this summer’s feature film. The wonderful song by a newcomer to this country, which arrives in just three minutes, is the perfect national anthem to close the window. Some are fine, others are fun and perfect for this season. It’s a lovely must-have to add to your road trip with friends.

Ryan Griffin – – Salt, lime, tequila

Ryan Griffin lost his record and his publishing contracts earlier this year. But like a true go getter with a “never say” attitude, Griffin decided to share “salt, lime, tequila” on TikTok. Today’s real hits are over 2.3 million Spotify streams that started merging before summer officially arrived. With a summery rendition and mellow chorus, listeners will find themselves hitting the repeat button as they go. “One, two, maybe three margaritas” before you could say Jack Robinson.

Scotty McClerry – – Your Time

The first single from Scotty McClerry’s upcoming new album, You Time, speaks of a passionate desire to spend time with loved ones. This vibrant track combines incredibly catchy hooks with confessional lyrics co-written by McCreery, Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers. If the saying “heartless absence” was a song, then “your time” would be.

Rough Road – – Bar Friends

Country music‘s hottest new trio are making strong progress with their second release of the year, Bar Friends. Infectious Songs, Zach Beeken, Garret Nichols and Colton Pack of Restless Road celebrate the vital role good friends play in their lives. The singallon choir is universal in its message, and each listener can identify with the song. “I made friends at work, church / hometown friends, same red earth friends / great friends, false friends.” The group believe that life will be difficult before they allow them to go out with their “friends from the bar”. As the kids say, it’s an undeniable bop and it will definitely get stuck in your head for days or all summer.

Tierra (Feat. Breland) – Miles

Looking for the perfect song for a long summer drive with the sunroof? This is none other than the new “Miles” collaboration between Tierra and Breland. The song claims the velvety harmony of a singer, blending country, pop and hip-hop influences with refreshing melodies. result? A winning combination that instantly fascinates listeners.

Alexander Ludwig – – Lazy Summer

Country actor and singer Alexander Ludwig announced his debut EP for the summer last month. The five-song collection showcases Ludwig’s long-standing musical influences, including Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, and George Strait. One of the tracks, “Summer Crazy” is all about having a good time and directing whatever you love this time of year. “Live the fire of oak smoke / Danshin just lights me up / Show me the freeway of a two lane freeway / The aviator watches my way / Yeah, some Long, some are lazy / The nights of summer, summer is crazy ” Ludwig sings with a pleasant chorus. This song is an integral part of the summer playlist.

Brook Eden – – sunroof

Four years later, Brooke Eden is back with a reintroduction of her life and art. In the past few months, the country singers have released three new songs, including the catchy “Sunroof”. “You feel like a sunroof / over the classic Mustang / 75 degrees outside / there’s a summer sun on my face / sipping cherry lemonade / fall behind your mirror” Eden sings with a luminous melody. Is there a perfect summer course?

Rhein Hardy – – Remember yourself

Laine Hardy is back with his first release of the year, “Memorize You”. The song is the perfection of pure country uptempo, American Idol The winner is head on for the girl who caught his eye (and his heart). “I want to know your heart from the bottom of my heart, and I want to know your kiss with a kiss / I want to know what it was / Every day before me, what’s your story? / Baby, every line “ The natives of Louisiana sing with enthusiasm. Who can resist a little summer romance?

Walker Haze – – Fantasy

Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” was country music’s latest viral hit last week. All thanks to TikTok. Earlier, Hayes and her 15-year-old daughter uploaded their music videos dancing to a series of self-choreographed movements that accompany the track. This quickly garnered a flood of comments, likes and shares. Today, the video has over 643,000 likes. With the singer’s bouncy delivery and adorable moves, “Oreo Shake Bourbon Street Steak” From Applebee’s to jamming, this might just be the perfect setup for summer.

Brown swing – – No man’s land

After surviving and recovering from the horrific car crash of August 2020, “The Git Up” singer Blanco Brown is back with a new song “Nobody’s More Country”. The euphoric song mixes Brown’s distinctive genre-blurring work with lyrics celebrating his humble roots. “Driving paved roads on unpaved roads / slowing down I love the pace / his simple life is hard to beat / I love the gold fields of Masu / This paradise I call my hometown / I can’t stand anymore park here. “ The native Georgia species proudly declare. Brown is known to make his smile shine with his personality and his music, and this track does just that.

Zac Brown Band – – Same boat

“Same Boat” is a timely return from one of country music’s beloved and acclaimed groups. Acting as the debut release of the new Home label (Warner Music Nashville), the Zac Brown Band continues to deliver their signature sound with catchy tunes that bring fans into the “same boat”.

Other very striking mentions:
Cameron Marlowe – Tequila Talkin ‘
Juna N Joey – Something Good To Make A Mistake
Haley Whiters – Philin My Cup (feat. Little big town)
Alan Jackson – Beer: 10
Triston Mares – Daydlinking
Tenil Arts – At that time, now
Mickey Guyton – Pink
Byron Saxton – Beach Cowboy
Osborne Brothers – I’m not for everyone
Andrew Jannakos – Someone Loves You
Eric Church – Heart on Fire
Dustin Lynch & Chris Lane – Tequila on a Boat

Check out today’s Country: Summer Edition playlist below for all the songs mentioned and other perfect summer country jams!

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