Virginia’s Turnover shares five artists challenging their supposed genre and/or expanding their sound

Virginia Band Turnover recently released “Myself in the Way”, the title track from their upcoming fifth album. The track includes the vocals of Turnstileit is Brendan Yates, and follows previous singles “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds”. Their previous album was their 2019 record, Absolutely.

For those familiar with their previous work, the band have explored a new sound for their upcoming album. Singer Austin Getz found inspiration in a variety of activities, from meditation to gardening to volunteering with his local fire department.

This continual evolution for Turnover manifested in “Myself in the Way”, in the form of jangly guitars, buzzing synthesizers and a funky bass line. The track is full of creativity and, at five minutes in length, they gave themselves plenty of time to explore and wander around. It has a hypnotic feel, perfect for the dance floor or relaxing alone.

Regarding their evolving style, Getz writes: “Our music reflects what inspires us and constantly changes as we grow. Starting to play punk and hardcore shows and doing all the tinkering to where we are now is a pretty drastic change that I hope other people of our generation can relate to and find similar to their own musical journeys .

The track was co-produced by Getz and their longtime collaborator, Grammy-nominated producer. Yip will he at Workshop 4.

To celebrate the release of “Myself in ihe Way”, Austin Getz has collected the tracks of five artists who either challenged their assumed genre and/or succeeded in developing their own sound. Read on and press on each.

John Coltrane “I wish I had known”

This is the song that made me start listening more deeply to Coltrane because I had never heard him do a ballad like this before. McCoy Turner’s accompaniment suits me perfectly.

The Beach Boys “surf”

One of my favorite songwriters of all time and a song I came across late but is now probably my favorite beach boy song. it goes to places that interest me so much in terms of composition and certainly had an influence on the writing of the songs for our new album.

Jeff Beck – “Shapes of Things”

Just an amazing track. Becks’ guitar interplay with Rod Stewart’s vocal performance on this track is truly locked in.

Weather report – ‘Cascade’

Such a cool song and album for me, especially at the time. years and years to come making almost ambient music as a jazz band. really inspiring to see such a legendary group of musicians do what they want and still challenge the way people perceive them and their art.

Grateful Dead – “Help on the Way/Slipknot”

I like their allusion and flirtation with disco/funk rhythms and styles on this track while remaining undeniably themselves. One of the best at taking different styles of music and incorporating them into the band and having their own spin.

Justin Stewart Cotta

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The Scrapbook Myself on the way of Turnover will be published on Friday, November 4 on Kitchen Vinyl Australia and Run for the cover discs.

Header image credit: Reggie McCafferty

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