What is a PLS file? How to create a PLS file in Windows 11/10?


Here is a complete guide to teach you what is a PLS file and how to create one in Windows 11/10. Please is basically a file format used for storing and organizing media playlists. It usually contains links or paths to MP3 files and other audio files that you can play. Let’s check the details of this file format below.

What is a PLS playlist?

PLS is a playlist file that you can use to play your favorite soundtracks on the go. However, it does not contain the actual audio, but it does store references or links to open and play audio files in a supported media player. It can be used locally as well as for streaming music playlists online. Online media servers use PLS playlists to stream audio to the web. You can also download a PLS file from online radio or other source to stream and play music playlists on their device.

How to open and read a PLS file?

Many media player software support PLS file to open and play. You can open and listen to PLS playlists in any of the supported media players. Here are some of the media players for Windows 11/10 that can open and play PLS files:

and a few other media players. These media players simply allow you to browse and import a PLS file and then play the audio files contained in the source playlist.

PLS is a text file containing links to files in an audio playlist. Therefore, you can also view its main content in Notepad app. It will show you the tracks saved in the playlist. However, to play audio you will need the media players listed above.

How to create a PLS file in Windows 11/10?

To create a PLS file in Windows 11/10, you can use the following method:

  1. Create a PLS file in Winamp.
  2. Generate a PLs file in Clementine.
  3. Use Notepad to create a PLS file.

Now let’s discuss the above methods in detail!

1]Create a PLS file in Winamp

You can use Winamp to create a PLS playlist file. It allows you to create different media playlist files including PLS, M3U and M3U8. Let’s see how you can create a PLS file in Winamp.

How to create a PLS file in Winamp

Here are the main steps to create PLS playlist file in Winamp on your Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Download and install Winamp.
  2. Launch the Winamp application.
  3. Browse and import your music library.
  4. Add the desired songs to the playlist.
  5. Go to the File> Save Playlist option.
  6. Select PLS as the output file format.

Now let’s detail the steps mentioned above!

First, download the Winamp media player then install it on your PC. After that, start the software to open its GUI.

Now import your music library and add your songs and videos to Winamp from the File menu. Then add the source media files to the Playlist section of this media player using the drag and drop approach.

Then go to File menu and click on the Save playlist option or just press the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut.

What is a PLS file

In the Save Playlist dialog box, select the output playlist type as PLS and enter the playlist filename.

Finally, press the to save and a PLS playlist file will be created in the selected location.

Likewise, you can create M3U and M3U8 playlists in Winamp.

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2]Generate a PLS file in Clementine

Clementine is a free, open source music player that lets you create PLS playlists. Using it, you can listen to your music, organize your music library, view song and artist information, and manage music playlists. It allows you to generate PLS and other playlists like M3U, M3U8, ASX, CUE, etc. Let’s see the steps to create a PLS playlist file:

  1. Download and install Clémentine.
  2. Launch Clementine.
  3. Add the source media files.
  4. Go to the Playlist menu.
  5. Click the Save Playlist option.
  6. Select PLS as the output file type.
  7. Press the Save button.

First of all, you need to download Clementine from its official website and install it on your PC. Then open the main GUI of this music player.

Now browse and import your music library and files. Then go to Playlist menu, then click the Save playlist option.

After that, choose PLS as the output file type and enter the file name of your playlist.

Finally, press the to save button to generate a PLS file.

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3]Use Notepad to create a PLS file

PLS is a text-based playlist file. Therefore, you can view its contents and create a PLS file in the Windows Notepad application. You just need to enter the track entries you want in the resulting PLS playlist file and then save the file with the .pls file extension. Let’s see the procedure step by step.

How to create a PLS file in Notepad:

Here are the main steps to generate a PLS file notebook:

  1. Open the Notepad app.
  2. Enter the header of the playlist file.
  3. Type the track entry for the first media file.
  4. Repeat step (3) for all media files.
  5. Write the number of entries.
  6. Enter the version of the playlist.
  7. Save the file as a PLS playlist.

First, launch the Notepad app on your PC. Now type the main header of the PLS playlist file. Just type the playlist in brackets in the first line of Notepad.

Then you need to write the track entries with the track number for the source media files. For the entry of the first track, write the text below:

Title1= -- (optional)

For example:

Title1=Give Your Heart A Break 

If you want to upload a PLS file to a media server for streaming, you can write the IP address of your server as well as the port number of the stream in the “File” field.

Then you need to repeat the above step for all the media files you want to include in the output PLS file. Simply type in the track number and then enter its respective details, such as File2, File3, File4, etc.

You can refer to the example below to understand what the commands will look like.

After that, you need to enter the PLS file footer at the end of the file.


In the above command, enter the number of entries in place of X. If there are 5 tracks, enter “5“, and also. Version = 2 is the version of the PLS playlist file that will remain the same.

Finally, you need to save the file as a PLS playlist. Just click on the File> Save As then in the Save As dialog box, select the option Save as type To All the files. Then enter the name of the playlist file followed by the .pls file extension.

Finally, press the to save button and it will create a PLS playlist file on your PC.

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Hope this article helps you create PLS playlists on your Windows 11/10 PC.

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What is a PLS file?  How to create a PLS file in Windows 11/10?

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