Winamp is preparing to relaunch: can he still whip the llama in 2021?

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It’s not a new development in the tech world that bringing back ‘old-loved’ items from the past is cool again, but it generally applies to old hardware like game consoles, older phones. small, etc. But this time around, it’s the software that attempts a return to a bygone era. Winamp, the hugely popular former music player, intends to relaunch in 2021 according to a report from Bleepingcomputer. What’s surprising about this announcement is that the software hasn’t been updated since 2013, and as we noted, people no longer use media players like Winamp.

First of all, if you are under 30 and reading this, some explanation is needed. You see, in the 2000s digital music wasn’t really a thing yet, so we used to take our music CDs and rip the files into MP3s. This conversion allowed us to significantly reduce the file size, and also to transfer the files to a portable music player like the iPod, or for a handful of people, a Zune player. The small file size has also fueled the explosion in P2P file sharing. While our mobile music needs were met, we also needed software to play music on our PCs, and for that a lot of people were using Winamp, including us. It offered a ton of cool skins, had a viewer, and was just fast and free, two things we love about every software.

The installation of Winamp in 2021 certainly brings back good memories. (The fact that you wrote an explanation for this hurt me in my soul. -Ed).

The big question now is, since everyone uses streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to listen to their music, what place does Winamp have in today’s market? According to the website, the software isn’t just updated, it’s “remastered,” with the goal of becoming the only app you can use to connect with your favorite artists, including podcasters. Winamp will apparently not only be marketed to end users who just want to consume content, but also artists and creators who are not happy with the layouts provided by today’s most popular streaming services. The site states, “For artists and audio creators, we want to put you in control of your content. We’ll help you connect closely with your fans and earn a fairer income by doing what you love.

Judging by all this marketing copy, the company seems determined to capitalize on its nostalgic connection to its “80 million” users worldwide, but it remains to be seen whether it can do so in a world that has collectively passed. to a whole new format of music consumption. being seen. That said, if you’re curious about what the company has to do, you can download the latest version from their website to get a feel for it. We installed it and it looks exactly like what we remembered so many years ago. The company is also asking people to sign up for its upcoming beta, which will supposedly offer all of the new features that the company is currently teasing through its website.

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