Windows programs also available on Mac (free and open source)


On Windows 10, we have been accustomed for years to using a lot of free programs released under open source license: these programs work better than many commercial programs, they are easy to install and use and have no license fees, while being intrinsically more secure (since the source code is free and available to everyone). If we recently bought a Mac and don’t want to part with the open source programs we are used to using on Windows, you’ll be happy to know that most open source software is also available on Mac, so that you do not have to use the programs of commercial versions (often very expensive).

In this guide we will find a list of Windows programs also available on Mac and released under open source license, in order to be able to benefit from the security and the simplicity of this type of programs even on very powerful and refined machines such as Mac, MacBook, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

On Mac, the security system does not allow easy installation of open source programs, often not certified by Apple. To unlock the Mac and install any of the programs below, we recommend turning on the Mac, pressing the bitten apple symbol at the top left, opening the System Preferences menu, open the Security and confidentiality menu, go to the General tab, press the padlock and enter the system password, so that you can activate the App Store and Trusted Developer Element. Alternatively, we can open an app from an unidentified developer by following the instructions in the Apple official guide.


The first open source program that we can install on Mac is Mozilla Firefox, downloadable from the official website.

This browser is no longer to present since it has been for years the best alternative to the Safari browser integrated into the Mac. With Firefox, we will have a fast, but above all safe, browser that is also privacy-friendly (with a special restrictive mode that allows you to block most tracking cookies). Among the features are a large number of extensions that can be installed, the customizable interface and the dedicated synchronization system.


Another open source program that shouldn’t be missing on Macs is VLC, which we can download from the official website.

The famous media player can be very useful on Mac to play any media file that we will download from the web or newsgroups. With VLC, we can listen to music tracks even in uncompressed formats, watch videos with any codec, play DVDs and Blu-rays and enjoy advanced features like screen recording, file conversion and streaming capture.


To edit images without Photoshop, we can rely on the GIMP app, downloadable from the official website.

With this program, we will be able to modify any image with tools very similar to those seen in Photoshop, in order to be able to correct blurry photos, correct colors and saturation of photographic shots, remove parts of the image and apply one of the many effects available.


To manage Office documents without installing the Microsoft suite, just rely on LibreOffice, available on the official website.

By installing this suite, we will be able to manage all document files in the most popular formats (doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, ppt and pttx), create new documents in OpenDocument or traditional Microsoft formats, edit PDFs with LibreOffice Draw and convert Office Documents to PDF files quickly, thanks to the PDF printing function integrated into the program interface, in order to avoid the installation of dedicated programs.


To edit audio files, mix tracks and capture sounds from a microphone connected to the Mac, we can use the Boldness app, downloadable from the official website.

This program is for many users the best choice for quickly editing audio tracks in any format as well as increasing volume, cutting audio fragments, creating multitrack songs, mixing between different audio sources, converting from format to format. another (from WAV to MP3) and to capture audio from a microphone so that it can be transferred to an MP3 file that can be exported to the Mac’s internal memory.


To edit videos, you don’t need to buy expensive program like Sony Vegas but just download Gunshot, available for Mac on the official website.

Using this program, we will be able to cut parts of home videos, mix them, apply transitions and effects (like a party video), apply background music to one or more scenes, add other special effects, correct the flickering or light of certain scenes and finally exporting the newly processed video, using the power of the Mac for real-time encoding.


If instead we want to download new content through BitTorrent, we can rely on a thin and fast client like qBittorrent, available for Mac on the official website.

With this client, we will be able to quickly download any type of torrents, using both BitTorrent files and Magnetic Links (URI) to retrieve the file. qBittorrent takes advantage of both DHT network and network with local peer discovery to speed up downloading, can be configured automatically according to network conditions, can apply anti-IP filter and enable alternative limits, so as not to disturb during working hours.

Cyber ​​duck

To access all cloud services and FTP servers from a single program, we can rely on Cyber ​​duck, downloadable from the official website.

Using this client, we will be able to connect to any remote server, using the most well-known protocols such as FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. The connection is secure and encrypted and each added cloud server will be accessible as if it were a network resource, so you can move, copy or edit files directly in the cloud, leaving Mac memory free.


Who says open source programs are free but ugly and useless? As we saw above, open source programs can replace commercial programs even on a platform like Mac, where we generally tend to always and only use expensive programs almost as if they were some form of status. On Mac, we can use the same programs that we used on Windows, with the same quality and functionality.

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